At a city, as well as at the person, the, destiny, the character, the life. There are cities silent, another prepared a life in which the century events which have been passed by many generations throughout centuries are reflected. Samarkand which has history, in the length per 2750 is that also. It is the coeval of Rome. Alexander the Great destinies are connected with this city and Ismail Samani, the Changiz-khan and Amir Temur. At Great Temur Samarkand was world power capital.

And after many centuries beautiful-Samarkand amazes visitors and tourists with the magnificence and harmony. The masterpieces of world architecture bewitching blue domes of Samarkand which are entered in the list the World Heritage of UNESCO.

Dear visitors! Here, in Samarkand, to you the new world which will amaze you to depth of soul will open and remains in it for ever.

  • The mausoleum of prophet Daniel (mazar of Hodji Daniyar)
  • Mausoleum Ruhabad (XIV century)
  • The mausoleum the Ak-shed (XV century)
  • Mausoleum Gur Emir (XV century)
  • Mazar Chupan-ata (XV century)
  • Observatory of Ulugbek (XIV-XV centuries)
  • Mosque Bubu Hanim (XIV-XV centuries)
  • Mosque Hazret-Hyzr (XIX century)
  • Necropolis Shahs Zinda (XII-XIV-XV centuries)
  • Registan (XV-XVII centuries)
  • Site of ancient settlement Afrosiab (VII century to n.e.-XiIi century AD)
  • Memorial complex the Imam al-Buhari (XX century)