Culture`s objects in Iran

  There is such phrase: «Iranians throw the riches on a floor». It is valid so. Manual carpet weaving on traditional machine tools still, despite an increasing impact of a mechanical production, remains an integral part of the Iranian craft and art. And such products decorate rich and poor houses of this east country, and such carpets have value of works of art.Culture`s objects in Iran

     Iran is an oasis in heart of deserts of the dazzling whiteness surrounded with mountain tops covered with snow, the fertile waters placed by a science in the service to the hardworking and proud settled people, small groups settled in foothills on the brink of salty plains whence flow, involves "pilgrims" aspiring to beauty from all world. The traveler, thirsting to open secrets of magnificent art, gradually like originality of "the Iranian style», extended on extensive territories where the Persian thought, language and spirit have got extremely strong influence. Sights in Iran’s culture are varied.

     The Iranian culture occupied and takes a worthy place in culture world. The aesthetics which has born in this country considerably differed from art principles of neighboring countries – Arabia, Armenia, Ottoman empire, from culture of the Indian people living in pools of Indus and Ganges. Since a pre-Islamic epoch, at dynasty of Akhemenids, Iran dictated the will to extensive empires.

     Calligraphy, miniaturisticks, the crafts connected with decorating of the book till now use the big respect in Iran. Hussein Behzad, outstanding Iranian miniaturist XX century, it is known far outside of the country.

    Culture`s objects in Iran In modern Iran, cultural values of ancestors are stored and esteemed despite of everything. A special place the Persian poetry, made occupies appreciable impact on the world literature. Names Firdausi, Rudaki, Hayam, Saadi, Rumi, Jami are known to many fans all over the world. One of literary masterpieces recognizes "national" epopee by Firdausi «Shahname», based on the legendary sources, narrating about the first sovereigns, of Zoroastrian religion, Alexander the Great’s adventures (Iskander’s). The book is devoted the Persian art from the beginning of 900 till the end of reign of the Nadir-shah in the middle of VIII century, with digressions to times of dynasty of Kadjars stated only in 1925 Thousand-year blossoming of the Iranian architecture and art creativity has confirmed its deep viability.

     On verses by Hafiz and Vahshi Bafki songs are composed. Singer Shadzharijan singing in traditional national style is rather popular. Poet Manuchehri was the great master of landscape lyrics less known to a wide range of readers. Enamored steams in Internet chats argue on love, quoting the love lyric poet Vahshi Bafki, the popular poet of XVI century

     One of prominent features of the Persian literature was and there is a humor and satire. The Persian language possesses a large quantity of the idioms giving fine possibility for a word-play which was appreciated very highly. It bewitches till now.

     Revolution promoted development of new directions in the literature and painting. After 1979 creations of the writers forbidden at the shah and poets became accessible to population broad masses.

     After 1979 realism and religious motives have kept the leading positions in painting. In architecture at erection of many-storied buildings in cities cosmopolitan style prevails, but at a construction of small inhabited and office structures national motives are encouraged. Traditional Iranian crafts – an art miniature, potter's manufacture, carpet weaving and manufacturing of silver products – are most widely presented in Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tabriz etc.

Culture`s objects in Iran     The computer culture and the Internet also take a considerable place in a life of modern Iranian youth and not only it.

     The special attention is deserved by the Iranian cinema - cinema national, but quite clear to other consciousness where the important place is occupied with the comic serials serving by the original uniting factor. In 1990th years the Iranian cinema has obtained the international recognition, having won prizes on various European film festivals. The film «the White sphere» has received «the Gold chamber» at the Cannes festival; «Taste of cherries» has been awarded in the same place by "the Gold Palm Branch».

     The majority of telecasts is created in the country, but the foreign video production is shown also. A lot of broadcasting time is devoted football — one more passion of modern Iranians. In the country in general many attention it is given to propagation of sports and a healthy way of life. Any doctor respecting considers necessary to finish performance on air recommendation to stop to smoke. Transfers become with taste, decorating successfully steals up. In it Iranians are rather scrupulous.