Tourism in Iran

 Iran – one of the centres of occurrence of a civilisation on a planet, the country with a considerable quantity of the ancient sights, rich culture, magnificent kitchen and very hospitable people. If you plan booking air tickets it is not so difficult, because of our diligent work with guests.

     Iran is located in the Near East between Iraq and Pakistan, washed by gulf of Oman, Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea. In country bowels the richest historical relics - ancient ruins, dilapidated cities, statues and archeological excavations of ancient dynasties are hidden.

     Teheran – one of the greatest on the areas of cities of Asia, the administrative, economic, industrial Tourism in Iranand cultural centre of Iran. The main sight of capital is museums which the large quantity here is simple. All of them contain in the perfect order and possess the richest collections. Besides, it is necessary to admire numerous Teheran mosques. Also it is necessary to examine a palace Of Takhte Marmar, the big open space the Mejdani-imam, buildings of old parliament of Moshir-odes-doule and Madjilis, a palace of shah Kadzhar-Fat-Ali, palace Alikapu, tower Tokrol. In Teheran it is a lot of parks which have a huge choice of various entertaining and cultural institutions, children's playgrounds, sports constructions and open scenic platforms, and also set of beautiful reservoirs. But the best kind of leisure in Teheran – visiting of a city market, so big, that actually is a separate city and one of the greatest east markets in the world.

     In 1260 km South-East Teheran one of pearls of Iran - ancient fortified city Bam lays. It is surrounded by plantations eucalypt and date palm trees that gives it special charm and a charm. Against palm trees and desert sand majestic monuments Citadel Ark-e-Bam, the rests of an external rampart and three numbers of walls, an internal fortress, a complex of the mystic and astronomer Mirzy Naim and its tomb, a caravan-shed building, numerous premises, as though twisted fortresses in walls, schools, baths and even four athletic fields rise.

  Tourism in Iran   Hamadan – one of the most ancient cities of the world, capital of the Midijs’s kingdom and the first capital of ancient Persia. Now it is large trading and the industrial centre which is famous for a pleasant summer climate, set of interesting places and green gardens. In Hamadan there is a mausoleum and a museum of the philosopher and doctor Avitsenna, the Jewish mausoleum, a tomb of the mystic and dervish Baba Taher, parthian stone lion Sang-Shir in the city park with the same name, rocky bas-reliefs Gindjaname, hill Hakmatana with ruins of defensive works of midian period, palace of Dariy, a tower Burdzh Kurban, and also a museum of natural sciences of university Bu-Ali.

     Kish – the largest sea resort of the country having the international status. It is one of the most quickly developing resorts of Asia. Kish possesses a powerful network of sports constructions, including diving schools, horse club, a bicycle track, several tens courts and stadiums, well and, it is natural - stretching beaches with small sand.

     In view of features of the geological structure, the country is rich with caves. Most interesting of them are in provinces Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, about Hamadan and Teheran. Mountains Elburs are attractive from the point of view of mountaineering and rock-climbing. Ski resorts allow from November till April to be engaged in all winter kinds of sports. And even to fishers is what to look in this, apparently, deserted, the country. Mountain small rivers are rich with a trout, and the coast of Caspian Sea is considered one of the best places for fish catching.