Kazakh's language

  The Kazakh language - a national language of the Kazakh people, Republic Kazakhstan indigenous population, and also living behind its limits (Russia, Uzbekistan, China, Mongolia, etc.).

     Is the Republic Kazakhstan state language.

     Enters in kipchak group (a northeast area) Turkic languages (Tatar, Bashkir, karachaev-balkar, kumyk, karaim, Krym-Tatar Kara kalpak, nogay) and it is closest to nogay and to the Karakalpak languages. As is known, kipchak the area covers actually Kazakhstan, a part of the Eastern Europe - Northern Crimea, lower reaches of Volga, the North Caucasus, a part of Khoresm, Kara-Kalpak, and a part of Uzbekistan.

     The Kazakh writing has undergone a number of changes so, till 1929 in its basis the Arabian drawing, since 1929 for 1940 the Latin drawing laid, and since 1940 on present time - the Russian drawing (Cyrillic).

     In the Kazakh language the accent mostly falls on last syllable. Consonants in syllables with firm vowels are said firmly; with soft vowels are said softly:. At a designation of an accessory of a subject are used not only possessive pronouns, but also the special possessive terminations.e dried up willow, a thin birch or from a poplar.