Kazakhstan - some about

Kazakhstan one of the states of the Central Asia, and its territory almost twice surpasses territory of all of other of four is central the Asian republics and makes about half of territory of the USA. So extensive earths share on some geographical belts, from here and so various landscape of Kazakhstan: in the north of wood and steppe, in the south – semi-deserts. Rounds to Kazakhstan are very popular because of its unique color.

     Kazakhstan - the flat country bordered with mountains. As an example the city of Almaty from which windows of houses tops of Zailijsky Ala Tau are visible can serve. It is the popular area Tjan-Shan known for beauty of the mountain-wood and Alpine landscapes. Here on the area almost in one thousand square kilometers the Almaty reserve where mountains are topped magnificent 5000r - snow file Talgar is located. Vicinities Alma-Aty is famous for orchards where apples "aport" grow ripe the surprising sizes.

     Among sports constructions well-known high-mountainous skating rink Medeo is allocated. The natural phenomenon represents Lake Balkhash, half fresh, half salty, whose pale blue mirror is based upon height of 340 meters. And this smooth surface reaches 600 kilometers at the length, surrounded with sandy hills and deserted pastures.

     As the surprising natural phenomenon the resort at Lake Borovoe, with its relic pine woods and the freakish "sculptures" modeled from a granite by a rain and a wind acts also.

     So Tours to Kazakhstan well enough accomplished and flights to Kazakhstan are very comfortable. So you may enjoy your vacation.the dried up willow, a thin birch or from a poplar.