Kazakh cuisine

First of all to the visitor submitted koumiss, shubat or ayran, then - tea with milk or cream, baursaks, raisin, irimshipnik, kurt. Then snack from a horse-flesh or mutton - kazy, shujuk, stings, jaya, sur-et, a card, kabirga followed. On any table necessarily there were flat cakes from wheat flour.Beshbamak - the main national dish of Kazakhs

     As ornament of any dastarhan and the most favorite dish at Kazakhs meat always was considered on-kazahs. Boiled meat usually moved the big not cut pieces. The owner cut meat, treating each visitor titbits: pelvis bones and a shin gave to honorable old men, chest - to the son-in-law or the daughter-in-law, a cervical vertebra - to girls etc. the owner presented to the guest of honor the head of a ram prepared by special way. The visitor should divide a head between presents, observing certain ritual in which the ancient custom of the valid relation to visitors affected, to old men, children close and distant relatives.

     The main national dish of Kazakhs is beshbarmak (five fingers). beshbarmak prepares from mutton, a horse-flesh or beef. Fragrant meat eat with it is thin the unrolled and boiled slices of the test. As fine addition to a dish the sated fragrant meat broth - sorpa which moves usually in cup serves. In the end of a meal submit koumiss which tea again follows.

     National drinks koumiss, shubat, kimiran. The curative drink koumiss (milk of the mare) possesses medical properties and toning up effect and is used for treatment of illnesses of lungs and a gastro enteric path.

     Shubat - is among dairy products the most valuable drink after koumiss, prepares from the camel milk. Technology of preparation of shubat less difficult, than koumiss. As well as koumiss, shubat is fermented and stored in special ware from a skin, a tree or ceramics. Shubat do not shake up, and lead up to standard by hashing. Shubat a tasty, fat and dense drink. On caloric content and curative properties it does not concede to koumiss. Two-three-day shubat it is considered the best and qualitative.

     National dish of KazakhsThe Kazakh earth is wide and immense. In different places of Kazakhstan shubat is called on a miscellaneous. In the Central and the Western Kazakhstan – shubat, in Southern - kimiran, in East – tuye kimiz (the camel koumiss). However ways of its manufacturing everywhere are identical.

Presently the feast has in many respects changed forms, but has not lost ancient laws of hospitality. On the contrary, its borders were moved apart: for today's dastarhan gather not only Kazakhs, but also the numerous visitors living in the big multinational republic - Russian, Tatars, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Germans, Uigurs, Dungans, Koreans...

     Having lived near to Kazakhs not one decade, sharing with them a grief, bread and pleasure, fraternal people should influence culinary skill, a life and culture of the Kazakh people, having borrowed simultaneously best of its culture and a life.

     The modern Kazakh cuisine includes not only traditional Kazakh dishes, but also the grown fond dishes Uzbek, Uyghur, Russian, Tatar, Korean and other kitchens. For this reason in modern Kazakh cookery at preservation of purely national lines it is easy to notice international hyphens. Travel to Central Asia and you will find more Kazakh national dishes.