Culture objects in Kazakhstan

Kazakhs - extremely hospitable people. If you arrive on a visit to the Kazakh family or Travel to central Asia it very suitable to book air ticket through our company, and is absolutely unexpected, will be accepted, so as if for you waited here the whole eternity. Since the early childhood to Kazakhs are inspired respect for visitors and seniors, just as world and tolerance principles. All is national features of the Kazakh culture and traditions. Thanks to it in history of Kazakhstan never existed any national or religious conflicts. By tradition to each visitor suggest to try a national Kazakh cuisine, carefully having set staying for dastarhan in the yurta centre.

     Yurta – the well-known "moving" house convenient and practical, ideally approaching for local conditions and a way of life - one of the most outstanding inventions of the Eurasian nomads. It easily gathers and understands, (speak, what even the Kazakh woman can make it for half an hour), is easily transferred by horses and camels. The yurta consists of three main elements: an expanded basis from lattices (kerege), a dome (yuk) and round top (shanirak). Since ancient times Turkis were famous as the most qualified inventors.

     Kazakhs live in an environment of ornaments. They ornate their yurtas wall carpets and multi-colored embroidery. The tools of work made of a tree, a bone and metal also are generously decorated. Headdresses, dresses, bags and valtraps are beautifully embroidered. Kazakhs use traditional art of a carving for and ornaments of wooden cups, piala, ladles from which Kazakhs drink koumiss (horse milk).

     Horns of mountain goats are used for an ornament of beds. From a skin belts, belts, flasks (torsyk) for water and koumiss are sewed. The Kazakh handicraftsmen - also very qualified jewelers. Traditional Kazakh bell-shaped earrings, original figured bracelets from white silver, cervical ornaments – all it does not leave indifferent any woman of fashion.

The Kazakh national suit
     In each area of Kazakhstan there are features of national clothes. But it is shown only in some elements: in furnish, an ornament, ornaments. As a whole the man's suit consists from chapan (a dressing gown with a belt, made of a velvet richly embroidered), a headdress – soft tubeteyka, a high cap or a cap of fur of a fox (malaxay).

     The female national suit consists of white cotton or color silk dress, a velvet waistcoat with an embroidery, a high cap with a silk scarf. Elderly women carry an original hood from a white fabric – kimeshek. Brides put on the high headdress ornated by feathers – saukele.
National folklore

     Kazakhs – the big admirers of verbal art. Them akins – national poets – arrange the present improvised competitions (aytiz), on which as all townspeople gather for a holiday. Akins compete in art of verbal singing, accompanying the skaz game on national string musical instruments: dombra or kobiz.