Travel to the Kazakhstan

Welcome to Kazakhstan, the huge country in the center of Eurasia where the antiquity adjoins to the present, and east traditions - with the western modernist style! The ancient culture of Kazakhstan and its unique nature you, undoubtedly, will admire. Kazakhstan is an impression and explosion of feelings, landscapes and many other things.

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     Recently interest to Kazakhstan as to a tourist direction, has considerably increased all over the world, and accordingly, increases from year to year a spectrum of the tourist services given by local tour operators for attraction of more quantity of travelers. More all in Kazakhstan tourists from Germany, England, Japan, Korea, China. Germans and Englishmen have already reconnoitered tourist routes of Kazakhstan. It is time to follow to their example!

Today Kazakhstan gives practically all existing kinds of tourism - informative, entertaining, ethnic, ecological and others. For tourists the considerable quantity of routes of travel on all territory of Kazakhstan is offered. To take at least Southern Kazakhstan. How not to pass on its Gold ring? In a fertile oasis of southern steppes, on a joint of nomadic and settled civilizations there were the most ancient cities of the world. Centuries on this earth there passed system ancient caravan roads conducting from China in the countries of the Near East and Europe.

     The silk way, or Djibek Djoli as a trading highway the Given site of a way has arisen in III century BC represents a unique complex of historical, archaeological and architectural monuments, including experience of planning and building of cities. Such cities as: Otrar, to Sauries, Signak, Sauran, Suzak, Turkestan were not only the trade centers, but also the scientific and cultural centers. "Hodzha Ahmed Jassaui's" mausoleum is a unique masterpiece of the architecture, concerning the end 14 and to the beginning of 15 centuries and was will erect by order of Great Tamerlan. Mausoleums "Ajsha-Bibi" and "Babadzhi-Hatun" (10-12 centuries), the mausoleums "Karahan" and "Daudbek" in Taraz, mosques and set of other sacred places allow travelers to feel atmosphere of the last centuries.

   ravel to the Kazakhstan  In territory of Southern Kazakhstan there is a space port well-known for the whole world Baikonur. And very much can be, soon not only Kazakh people, but also inhabitants of other states can come nearer closely to space and feel its fantastic breath. But not that to fly in star distances and to look close as it is done by others. In Baikonur it is planned to create something similar to volume that exists on the American cape Canaveral - an entertaining complex with modern hotels and objects of the industry. It is the mini center simulating management by flights in space, a planetarium, a museum on outer space exploration histories, a network of shops and supermarkets, restaurants, and also youth space cafes.

     In 193 kilometers to the east from of Almaty, through layers of the Karbonifersky period and a rock the river Charyn proceeds, forming mountain Kuluktau. The Charynsky canyon the known Grandee reminds the Canyon in Arizona (USA), but actually it has the unique shape. This unusual picturesque area has a various relief. Steppe slopes of a canyon, a column and an arch reach to 150-300 meters of height. The earth surface is spotted by set of ravines and gorges. The river Charyn totals in itself set of various currents. There, where the river proceeds on more damp areas of its coast are covered by willow and poplar thickets. Special interest is represented by ashen woods and poplar groves. Fans of the nature will find out natural paradise in National park "Three-copecks piece-emel" which is located on the territory equal 90 sq. km, between the river Or and mountain chain Ak-Tau.

     Here you also can familiarize personally with the rock paintings, the rich wild nature and a unique natural phenomenon - Astana"Singing sand". These are the huge dunes simulating a sound, similar to signals of river courts. The dune, in height to equal 300 meters, reaches 3 kilometers. Singing barkhans make indelible impression. Hardly appreciable movement of sand downhill creates a hum and vibration sound. A friction formed as a result of movement of dry sand together with dry air, electrolizes it, creating thereby vibration. This sound can be heard on distance of several kilometers. In crude weather of a dune "do not sing".

     In 160 kilometers from of Almaty the gorge "Tamgaly" is stretched. Here thousand unknown rock paintings are found out. This gorge is the present gallery of ancient art. Gorge walls are covered by images of animals and the vital scenes of that time cut by metal teeth.

     Besides, the region has unique climatic possibilities for rest, treatment, hunting, employment by mountaineering, mountain-skiing and skating sports. And the arrangement of the Western Kazakhstan on a joint of the European and Asian continents in pool of Caspian sea, Volga, Urals Mountains is unique and with what incomparably. Here there is a second deep point of a planet - hollow Karagie laying on 132 m below a sea level, and also the well-known cretaceous rocks. There are rich hunting grounds, conditions for fans of fishing, development of water kinds of sports.

     Huge scientific interest is represented by reserved monuments of ancient Mangyshlak, Ustyurt and the memorable places connected with the Kazakh epos. One of the basic vacation spots in this region was and remains Aktau. To your look will appear not only hollow Karagie, but also rocky heights, picturesque canyons with spring water. It is possible to visit necropolises and the underground mosques created by talented masters-masons. At coast of Caspian Sea it is a lot of beaches. The sea at rocks, sandy coast, a stony bottom... For fans of an extreme - possibility to climb on rocks and to direct a sailing vessel.

     If you the admirer of automobile, bicycle, water rest - that on advantage estimate all delights of Northern Kazakhstan, its landscape and climatic conditions. National park "Kokshetau" includes a considerable quantity of resort territories and is for many years known as good vacation spot. In the beginning of 20th century the first medical sanatorium has been opened. In 1920 - 1930 in the country resort Borovoe was considered as the most known resort. In 1938 at the New York exhibition the first photos of ravel to the Kazakhstanresort Borovoe have been shown.

The landscape and the nature of this unique district, the tourist paradise located among steppes, are simply unforgettable. Numerous lakes give especial beauty to this place. Not in vain this place name "Small Switzerland". Every year here there come thousand tourists for the purpose of productive leisure, fishings, eco tourism, hunting, campaigns to mountains and informative tourism.

     Kazakhstan possesses considerable resources for employment by sports tourism and mountaineering, mountain skiing (Northern and Western Tien Shan, Dzungarian Ala Tau, Ore Altai.

In 25 km from of Almaty in gorge of Zailijsky Ala Tau at height of 2200 meters the mounting skiing resort "Shimbulak" is located. This place is very attractive the soft climate with a considerable quantity of sunny days, the dense snow cover remains from November till May, and also it has a fine surrounding appearance with mountain tops and ridges. Almaty and East regions of Kazakhstan possess all conditions for mountaineering, rock-climbing, mountain skiing and driving on sledge.

     In the Central Kazakhstan one of the largest lakes of the world - Lake Balkhash, a unique Karkaralinsky mountain-wood oasis is located. In edge many memorable places in which archaeological and ethnographic objects have remained.

     And, at last, East Kazakhstan is Altai and its foothill woody areas, the river Irtysh, lakes Zaisans, Markakol, Alakol, Sauskan.

If to speak about extreme and ecological tourism more than it is enough open space for them. At present tour operators of Kazakhstan develop 904 routes, including what pass on territory of national parks: "Three-copecks piece-emel", "Silt-alatau", ravel to the Kazakhstan"Katon-Karagaj", "Burabay", "Penalties-karaly", "Aksu-Dzhabagly" and others. Admirers of exotic and the adventures, got tired of hotel service and comfort, can live in the Kazakh yurtas and study local customs, a life, traditions. The list of services in this market constantly replenishes with new offers. Now to become already traditional to campaigns in mountains and visiting of reserves one more kind of ecological tourism - hunting with birds of prey was added. The ancient kind of hunting with the birds of prey, arisen in Asia, today again becomes popular.

     Kazakhstan becomes more and more appreciable and influential player on a world political scene, therefore there is nothing surprising that here, in Astana and Almaty, is even more often spent every possible regional both international symposiums and the summits. All it involves impressive quantity of foreign business tourists among which can appear and you in the country.

     Charm of Kazakhstan is that you will be felt from first minute of stay here. Pleasant to you of rest and fascinating travel!
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