The rivers, lakes and water basins in Kazakhstan

  In Kazakhstan there is a large quantity of lakes of the rivers, water basins, and picturesque lakes with picturesque rounds on them. Here most picturesque of them are presented:

The big Almaty Lake
     This mountain lake is located in gorge of the river Big Almatinka, at height of 2511 m above sea level, in 28,5 km to the south from Almaty. It is in a hollow, as if the sparkling mirror from different directions surrounded with mountain tops. Over lake three basic peaks tower: the peak of Councils (4 317), peak Lake (4 110) and peak the Tourist (3 954) – them can be seen from northern end of a dam.

Kolsajsky lakes
     Them name a pearl Northern Tjan-Shanja. Three high-mountainous lakes with abrupt, raised pine slopes are located in spurs of ridge Kungej-Alatau. Each lake has the charm. Royal fish is found in crystal-clear blue water – an iridescent trout...

Maloulbinsky water basin
     In 20 km to the south from the city of Ridder there is surprising on the beauty a Maloulbinsky water basin which is a part of the oldest hydropathic complex of Kazakhstan based in 1938 This object is a historical monument in the field of designing and technologies.

Lake Alakol
     Alakol (Motley) - one of the most beautiful lakes of Kazakhstan (in 580 km to the north from Almaty). Except fertile water salty lake richly hydrosulphuric dirt, mineral salts. It is located on the northeast end of Dzungarian Ala Tau. A variety of natural factors creates favorable conditions for rest and treatment...

Lake Balkhash
     There is a legend, that at rich Bay of Balhash there was a beauty the daughter Ili. Bay declared a holiday - of that and to the winner promised in the wife the daughter. The beauty Ili and poor shepherd Karatal loved each other. Ili has helped Karatal to win competition of grooms. But Balkash did not wish to give the daughter to the poor man. Then Karatal and Ili ran. The angered father could not catch up with fugitives. And then it transforms them into the rivers, and itself rushes on a way between them and turns to lake, absorbing the disobedient daughter.

Lake Zaisan
     The lake Zaisan is located in 30 km from Kiin-Kerisha along soil road. Lake Zaisan – huge fresh-water lake where the set of fishes lives. Its length about 100 km, width – 30 km, territory is stretched 1800 sq. km, depth makes 8 meters. With the advent of stars in the sky you can hear the melodious ring similar to hum of wires.

The river Irtysh
     The river Irtysh, sometimes it name "Black" Irtysh runs into lake Zaisan in the east, and the beginning takes in China. Irtysh proceeds on unusual on the beauty to deserted landscapes. The right coast enough abrupt and steep, left softly frames sandy beaches. The rivers Pojma it is densely set by poplars and bushes. Wild boars, roe deers and pheasants here are found.

Sibinsky lakes
     Sibinsky lakes are located in 85 km from the city of Ust Kamenogorsk, 2 hours of driving on the asphalted road. The way to lakes is decorated by a picturesque landscape of granite hills. Lakes are the accompanying tourist object defining East direction. Sibinsky lakes is a system from five lakes with the cleanest transparent water, surrounded with granite mountains.
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