National reserves in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is rich with a variety of natural reserves in which one of the rarest kinds of animals live, travel to Kazakhstan and you will acknowledge all its nature. To your attention the most popular and attractive:

The West Altay Natural reserve
     The reserve is created for maintenance of safety and carrying out of researches of the natural complex inherent in mountain district, taiga woods of the Western Altai. The reserve total area makes 56078 hectares. The reserve is located at once within several natural zones: wood, mountain meadows, mountain tundra, a snow strip...

     Korgalzhin - bird's paradise the Korgalzhynsky reserve remains an unknown place even for local residents in spite of the fact that it is all at three o'clock driving on the car from Astana, and the set of various kinds of birds there is concentrated. It is necessary to notice, that Korgalzhin is listed the natural territories which are, according to qualification of UNESCO, a part of a world natural heritage.

Kuludzhunsky natural reserve
     The Kuludzhunsky natural reserve is located in 180 km. From Ust Kamenogorsk, 3,5 hours way time. The road to it asphalted, allows to accelerate momentum more than 70 km/h. The road passes through a picturesque Kalbinsky mountain chain, along a way it is possible to observe steppe and dense pine woods, a movement route of djingar tribes, the territory where was lived by aggressive tribes of Kazakhs Argin and Nyman.

Ustjurtsky National Biospheric reserve
     The most attractive tourist route which is passing on territory of Ustjurtsky National biospheric reserve, travel on the Great Silk way lying on Mangistausky area from the south on the north to the northwest to the Ustjurtsky Plateau and through Shetpinsky gate to coast of Caspian Sea is.

Altin Emel

     On the western spurs of a ridge of Dzungarian Ala Tau the National Park a Altin Emel, the largest reserve of Kazakhstan is located. The area in 460 000 hectares is intended for preservation of rare species of animals and plants. Here it is possible to take pleasure in a unique kind of multi-colored mountains Aktau, sandy mountains Katutau. In Park territory historical monuments – Scythian (sack’s) the funeral barrows the Demon-shatyr dated in 1st millennium BC settle down some

Karkaralinsky Natural Park
     Karkarals - a surprising small town with wooden small houses and narrow small streets. Inhabitants very hospitable, benevolent. Karkarals offers 6 tourist routes: 1 horse, 3 pedestrian, 1 ski, 1 bicycle also can provide all kinds of employment: tourism, rest, treatment and sports.

To Sayram-Ugamsky National Park
     The Kazakhstan part of the Ugamsky ridge (Ugam) – the General place name of region located in the South Kazakhstan area in Tolebijsky area. The Ugamsky region represents горною district being spurs Western Tjan-Shanja. Kazakhstan of a part of the Ugamsky ridge is a part to Sauries of Ugamsky State National natural park.