Some about Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan customs Kyrgyzstan - one of the most picturesque places in the Central Asia, more than two third of its territory is occupied by mountains that is shown in a variety of a climate, natural landscapes, vegetative and fauna. Having visited here, you will open for yourselves the country of snow-covered mountains, take pleasure in a kind of the severe tops Tjan-Shanja which has been filled in with the sun. The wild nature with majestic falls and the rough mountain rivers running into lakes with crystal-clear water, will amaze you with the beauty.

     The pearl of Kyrgyzstan - lake Issyk Kul, nonfreezing all year long, will shake your imagination. Up to now in territory of Kyrgyzstan many surprising places and monuments of ancient civilisations have perfectly remained; sacred mountain Sulejman ("Solomon") in Osh, the largest on a planet relic nut woods Arslan the Woman, hot medical sources with thermal waters in Djalalabad caravan-shed Tash Rabat, the Snow-storm tower, the world's largest congestions of rock paintings to Saymaluu Tash.

     Having visited Kyrgyzstan, you can pass roads of the Great Silk Way, plunge into the unforgettable world of the wild nature and novel routes, and also get acquainted with traditions and customs of the hospitable Kirghiz people. If you plan booking air tickets and travel to Central Asia it is not so difficult, because of our diligent work with guests.