Kyrgyz language

According to language project UCLA for today about 2 million persons in Kyrgyzstan speak in the Kirghiz language. The Kirghiz language, as well as Russian, has the official language status in republic. Written sources of the Central Asian Mongolian governors are known since 14-15 centuries. Their language was chagatanian (old uzbek), thus in oral dialogue the local dialects which part later has formed the Kirghiz language were used. From this period there were the numerous folklore texts which processing is far from end.

     At 17-18 centuries when kirgizs became a part of Dzhungarsky khanate, definitive comprehension kirgizs itself as people was generated. During this period epos creation «Manas», representing organizing idea of kirgizs as the nations has come to the end. The Kirghiz language has got to the same period under strong influence West Mongolian (oyratian) languages. At 18-19 century’s kirgizs lived within Kokand khanate, using on the letter late chagatanian language with local features. In second half 19 kirgizs appear as a part of Russian empire, and language is submitted to the strongest influence of Russian. According to some philologists, for today the Kirghiz language passes a stage of active formation of language norm and clearing of superfluous influence of Russian.

     The Kirghiz language has much in common with the mountain-Altay languages, probably being by origin East Turkic language; but in a modern condition it nevertheless is closer to kipchak to languages, forming inside them separate kyrgyz-kypchaks a subgroup.