Traditions and customs of Kyrgyz people

  «On childhood of the world the God distributed to the people of the earth depending on their talent. Fertile valleys, Rocky Mountains, waterless deserts, woods and all that the world could offer, has been distributed by the God. Last day territory distributions, the God has noticed the Kirghiz sleeping under a tree whereas others combated for reception of the best territory. This disinterest has mentioned the God, that he has decided to present to it the finest and fertile corner of the earth that it did not apply many efforts for existence». So the Kirghiz legend sounds.

   Kyrgyzstan culture  Kirghiz are nomadic people and it come they from Siberia. Subsequently the Kirghiz people have moved on the south and have soon lodged in present territory of Kirghizia. It is the people which plant cattle; horses, sheep, goats, cows, and also donkeys for the smallest members of a family that on these animals children were trained in riding. Riding is a part of the Kirghiz culture.

The Kirghiz saying says: «If you have superfluous time in a stock a part of this time devote to a horse». There is a considerable quantity of entertainment horse games which are often shown during festivals. Children are trained in riding from early age. Boys since the childhood look after herd on meadows, girls study in traditional crafts, weave carpets of rare beauty. Shirdak also It is scarlet Kiyiz are famous for the carpets from the felt, decorated with a natural color ornament.

     Symbol of the Kirghiz life is the yurta from felt which can be met on pastures. Till now in the big cities some families build yurtas on the occasion of the important holidays, such as a birth of the child or wedding. On the Republic flag the yurta is represented. It underlines vital importance of a yurta. The flag of republic of red color, and in the centre is presented Tunduk - the central part of a roof of a yurta with the crossed pole on the middle of a wooden circle.

     The yurta is a figurative house with the multi difficult functions, consisting of a wooden stage and a lining from felt. All it is supported by a short tape and a rope of the animals made of a wool. Walls and a yurta floor are decorated by carpets. For its night cover with straw mattresses which do not pass a cold and create in it warmly. In the centre there is a small furnace on which prepare, and also it serves as a heater.

     Kyrgyzstan cultureThe furnace is an irreplaceable attribute without which the population not to manage in any way, especially it is necessary to those who lives highly in mountains. On a left-hand side from a yurta input there is a man's party where there is all necessary for fishing, hunting, riding. The right party is taken away for women where there are kitchen accessories and everything, as to weaver's art.

     One more important component of culture of Kirghizia and pride subject is a legend about Manas, his sons and grandsons. Manas Talas, in the country northwest was born in area under the name, and about it the people have combined a legend, as if in 9 years it has destroyed a winged dragon. The scene of this duel embodied in marble can be seen in Bishkek opposite to the Philharmonic society. Eposes, are longer than the legend than an Illiada and Odyssey, were transferred orally within last millenium. The first written version has appeared about 100 years ago. Story-tellers and singers (Akin), executing important products of the Kirghiz people, have been respected by everything, and for its them have nicknamed «manaschi».