Mountain-adventure tourism in Kyrgyzstan

The abundance of the mountain rivers and sunny days involve here fans of white water already from second half of last century. That can be compared on extremeness and by quantity of thrown out adrenaline to an alloy on the rough river. Kyrgyzstan MountainsOvercoming of a difficult mountain threshold forces heart to knock in a mad rhythm of a rough stream. It is enough to try once in a life, and you will uncontrollably want to repeat it again and again. In the Kirghiz Republic it is a lot of rivers on which the set of routes of a various category of the complexity is laid, calculated both on skilled sportsmen, and on beginners.

The mountain rivers of the Kirghiz Republic wait for the subjugators!

Ecological tourism
     The Kirghiz Republic one of few countries of the world, in which so many protogenic places where the foot of the person did not go yet. For the purpose of preservation of the nature, the considerable quantity of reserves, natural parks, are protected by the state. Having visited these surprising places on beauty, remained alone with the nature, you will reveal secret of sources of origin of a life on the Earth.

     The wild trout is found in the high-mountainous, cleanest rivers and lakes of the Kirghiz Republic. The largest sizes it reaches in lake Issyk Kul to 25 kg. And a Toktogulsky water basin of 10-15 kg. In lakes the trout usually falls into web networks. Some townspeople use a spinning and I will flash for catching in the rivers. Local residents catch on ordinary fishing tackles and live bait. Fish is and in small streams, and in the rivers Chon-Kemin, Kekemeren, Naryn it is possible to catch a trout in weight more 5kg.

Kyrgyzstan MountainsTrekking
     Foot tourism, is classics of tourism in general. Tent, a fire on the nights, heavy backpacks, songs of a guitar, deification of tourist romanticism. This country an ideal place in the world for employment by this kind of tourism. Here there is everything, that is necessary for the skilled tourist, these are the most beautiful mountain gorges, fantastic lakes, the prompt rivers, glaciers and snow unapproachable passes.

     The pedestrian rounds help to be released from habits and comfort of cities. To you it is given the chance to step to disclosing of a riddle of the Universe, forward to opening of its greatness.

Nonconventional and extreme tourism
     In the Kirghiz Republic there are huge possibilities for the organisation of nonconventional and extreme rounds. For fans something especial it is possible to offer entomological rounds - studying of a way of life of entomological kinds of insects, ornithological rounds - studying of various kinds of the birds living in territory of the Kirghiz Republic, eco tours, photo hunting for animals protected by the state, rounds for yachts on water area of lake Issyk Kul and many other things.