Kyrgyzstan's nature and landscapes

 Frequently the country divide into northern and southern parts, thanks to features of topography. In the north of the country large valleys Chujsky (with country Bishkek capital), Talassky and lake Icky Kul are located. Kirkizs name this lake "Blue pearl Tjan-Shanja" or "the Kirghiz sea" which is one of sights of the country. Travel to Kirgizia with our company because it is too easy to book tour into such beautiful places.Directly on the south from great valleys heart Tjan-Shanja has settled down, in transfer with Chinese the name of mountains means "Heavenly Mountains".

Two highest peaks of a mountain chain are in a triangle between Kyrgyzstan, China and Kazakhstan: Pobeda peak of 7439 meters towering at level above sea level and Khan Tengri, which height makes 6995 meters. Besides, Pobeda peak is the highest northern seventhousander in the world. In this bewitching high-mountainous country to investigate which begin with the city of Karakol located in the east of lake Issyk Kul more often, there are well-known glaciers Inilchek and mysterious lake Mertsbahera which is naturally drained once a year, then again is gradually filled. This feature of lake compelled scientists to call into question existence of lake. Depending on time of visiting of lake and it fullness, one marked it on cards, others - are not present.

     Landscape Tjan-Shanja is frequently very various: green and fertile high-mountainous pastures, valleys with woods and sand, snow-covered mountain peaks, and valleys of lakes. Except the lake Icky Kul, a popular resort zone, Kyrgyzstan can brag and the lake the Dream-sack located at height of 3000 meters, and lake Sary Chelek, 1900 meters located at height. (Look also the list of sights: the Dream-sack, Sary-Chelek).

     Except a variety of flora, the mountain ridge is rich with rare representatives of fauna: Pamir archars Marco Polo, snow leopards, eagles, falcons, signature stamps. If you manage to rise on height of 3000 meters you can see seagulls and other rare species of birds. In the southwest Tien Shan it is divided on two parts running into Fergana valley. The most part of the Fergana lowland is in Uzbekistan, however its eastern frontier is necessary on territory of Kyrgyzstan. This fertile valley pleases the inhabitants with rich crops of juicy fruit and vegetables. In this part of Kyrgyzstan population density is very high and the second-large city of the country – Ош, with the population in 300,000 persons is located.

     Tourists can feel on themselves calmness and regularity of a life in the country offering wide assortment culinary of ethnic cuisine. The most southern part of the country ringed by Pamir mountain ridge forming natural border with Tajikistan and China. In this part of Pamir there is one more peak popular among climbers all over the world for rather simple ascension, Lenin peak, height 7134 meters.

      As a whole, everyone can find something for itself(himself) in this violence of landscape sketches.

     The tourism sphere in Kyrgyzstan gradually develops: quality of service in hotels big raises. The trip to Kyrgyzstan – the country with the virgin nature – becomes for you unforgettable travel.


     At these heights snow does not thaw. Under the pressure of again dropped out snow, the bottom layers of snow are compressed and form an ice layer. Some part of snow under force of the weight slips downwards a mountain valley, forming valley glaciers, plugging a channel which formation is typical for U valleys and hanging down currents which remain after ices recede. Slipping snow grasp together with themselves fragments which are besieged far from walleye a glacier.

     Ice in valley glaciers can be displaced on 3 40 sm a day, depending on its sizes – width, thickness, a corner of an inclination of a valley. Along the edges of a glacier the clefts covered freshly with dropped out snow, representing certain threat for climbers are often located. More than 8000 glaciers (some sources give figure in 8208) and the eternal snow stretched on 8100 sq. kilometers, make nearby 30%общей the areas of Kyrgyzstan. Directly glaciers make 4 % of territory of the country.

     Most known of glaciers – Inilchek, consisting of northern and southern parts located on Pobeda peak (7439) and Khan Tengri (6995), hills in the east Tjan-Shanja. Some glaciers are located in immediate proximity from Bishkek, for example glacier Ak-Saj (3500) and Adigen(3200) in national park Is scarlet Archa. A number of travel agencies are offered by 2-3 day tracks to these glaciers. All glaciers of Kyrgyzstan contain 580 million cubic meter of water, quantity sufficient to cover with a 3-metre sheet of water all Kyrgyzstan.

     Here the list of the basic glaciers which are available in territory KR is presented. Different sources are cited by different data concerning their length and the area that can be explained climatic changes.

     Long chains from the West on the east 88 powerful ridges of a powerful range - Tien Shan last, that in a translation into Russian means "heavenly mountains". Others, such as Chon the Alajsky ridge, in the south of the country belongs to a range of Pamir. And only one, unique road connects southern and northern regions of the country – road Bishkek-Osh. Mountain ridges of Kyrgyzstan on the average have length of 100-300 km, the longest ridge (Kakshaal) – 582 km.
     Mountains of Kyrgyzstan involve climbers and fans of mountain walks from all world.
     Climbers who manage to subdue all five seventhousanders the Central Asia, three of which lay in territory of Kyrgyzstan receive an honorable title of "the Snow leopard».

The list of seventhousanders:

1. Communism peak (Tajikistan – 7495)
2. Pobeda peak (Kyrgyzstan – 7345)
3. Lenin peak (Kyrgyzstan – 7134)
4. Peak Korzhenevsky (Tajikistan – 7105)
5. Peak of Khan Tengri (Kyrgyzstan – 7010)

Lower tops of Kyrgyzstan most often used for tracks:

Peak Adygene - is located in territory of national park Is scarlet-archa, height – 4393 m.
Peak Chapaev - is located in Central Tjan-Shang, in file Myztag, height - 6371 m.
The peak the Crown – is located in territory of national park Is scarlet-archa, height - 4860 m.
Peak Drujbi- is located in Central Tjan-Shang, in file Myztag, height – 6800 m.
The peak Bitter – lays in a file the Victory, height – 6050 m.
The peak Free Korea – is located on ridge Ak-Saj in territory of national park Is scarlet - archa.
Peak Jigit – is located in file Огуз Bashi on southern coast of lake Icky Kul.
The peak Karakol - is located in file Oguz Bashi on southern coast of lake Icky Kul, height – 5216.
Peak to Komsomol - by tradition this peak will punish every year on 1st of May.
Peak Manas – the highest point of the Talassky ridge, height – 4482 m.
The peak the Marble wall - is located in Central Tjan-Shang, in file Myztag, height – 6400 m.
The peak the Tent – is located in Central Tjan-Shang, in file Myztag, height – 6700 m.
The World peak – height of 4940 meters, is located near Lenin peak.

     In Kyrgyzstan about 2000 lakes which total area makes 6836 square kilometers. The majority of lakes are high-mountainous and lay at height from 2500 to 4000 meters above sea level. A principal cause of formation of lakes is thawing of glaciers. Only 16 Kirghiz lakes exceed the area in 1 square kilometer.
     The word "Sack" in the Kirghiz language means lake – Icky Kul, the Dream-sack, the Chatyr-sack.

The rivers
     In Kyrgyzstan is more than 40 000 rivers and the rivulets which total length makes approximately 150 000 km, with follow about 47 cubic kilometers of water a year.
     The main source of water in the rivers is thawed snow from numerous mountain glaciers. The quantity of rains makes less than 1/5 all water streams.
     Many mountain rivers are not navigable because of the big decrease in relative height above sea level, a difficult relief of a channel and speed of a stream. However many of them approach for rafting and similar kinds of activity.