Natural territories in Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan there are 83 especially protected Natural Territories, a total area in approximately 800.000 hectares that makes 4 % from all area of republic. Perhaps, the most popular protected zone is the gorge Is scarlet-archa, is not far from Bishkek. The list in Kyrgyzstan includes especially protected natural territories 6 of "the state reserves» (or reserves), 8 national parks and 67 natural parks (which are in turn subdivided on wood, botanical, geographical, multipurpose and hunting), and also 2 biosphere reserves, recognized UNESCO. So we invite you booking air tickets and tour through our company to get acknowledged with its nature, flora and fauna.

     National parks - the primary goal of national parks is the organization of the tourism which is not harming to the nature.

     Natural parks – are created for the preservation of the environment accessible for pleasant time of prod riving of the population.

Reserves – occupy the greatest territory from total area ООПТ – 289,200. Some kinds of economic activities are strictly forbidden in reserves.
The list of some especially protected natural territories of Kyrgyzstan:

     National park. It is scarlet-archa –is based in 1974 for river preservation It is scarlet-archa also inhabitants of gorge for the good of a society and the future generations. The park settles down in 35 kilometers from Bishkek and lasts upwards on gorge, reaching height of 2240 meters.
The national park Besh-Aral – is based in 1979 in a southwest part of Dzhalalabad area, (it is direct on border with Uzbekistan), for the purpose of preservation of the unique nature and woods of the Chatkal valley.

     State park Besh Tash – is based in 1996 in Talass area, in 13 kilometers from a city. The park area makes 32,411 hectares. The park will be extended on 30 kilometers upstream by rivers Besh Tash.

     Chon-Kemin – it is based in 1997 in a valley of the river Chon-Kemin and includes practically all forest wardens of an economy in Kemin area. The park is created for preservation of unique flora and fauna of these places. The hunting both botanical reserves and mausoleum Shabdan Batir also concern park.

     The issyk-Kul reserve - was the first especially protected natural territory in Kyrgyzstan since 1941, now it is considered the largest biospheric reserve of Kyrgyzstan. The reserve has been created for the purpose of protection of unique kinds of animals and birds wintering at Lake Issyk Kul coast. The area of a reserved zone makes 19,000 hectares.

     The issyk-Kul reserve is one of 338 reserves of the world recognized as the program of UNESCO «the Person and Biosphere». The reserve occupies 43,100 square meters that makes 22 % from a republic total area. The Issyk-Kulsky reserve is the house for many vanishing species animal and plants, such as Marco Polo and the Siberian stone goat, the Tjan-Shansky brown bear and a snow leopard.

     The Karakol National park - is based in 1997, the area – 38,256 hectares, 4767 which hectares make woods.

     Penalty-shoro – it is opened in 1996 in the Osh area, the area – 8,450 hectares. The territory basically is occupied by pastures.

     The Karatal-Zhaparyk reserve – is based in 1995 in northern part of Naryn area. The reserve is divided into three zones – woods, mountain lake the Dream-sack and mountain lake the Chatyr-sack. The reserve occupies approximately 72,000 hectares.

Kulan-Ata – it is based in 2004 by the decree of the president of republic. The territory occupies 24,500 hectares and is divided on two parts - Kulan-Ata and Tonzoo. The reserve flora is rich with 600 kinds of animals, 200 from which are characteristic only for Kyrgyzstan, 54 are brought in the Red Book

     Kirgiz Ata the National park – is based in 1992 in Оше. The park occupies 1,172 hectares.

     The Naryn national park – is based in 1983, includes woods and the Alpine meadows.

     Reserve Padasha Аtа-one of new reserves, is located in Zhalalabad area.

     State park Sajmaluu Tash - is based in 2001 in east part of Zhalalabad area, along the river Kurart. The park is known for the rock paintings found in this territory.

     State park Salkyntor – is based in 2001 in Naryn area, occupies approximately 10,448 hectares and serves as fine vacation spot for local population.

     The reserve Sarychat-Ertash – is located in Issyk-Kul area and occupies 72,000 hectares.

     The biospheric reserve Sary-Chelek - is located in western part Tjan-Shanja, on a southern crest of the Chatkal ridge, occupies 23,868 hectares. The reserve is at height 1,200 – 4,247 meters above sea level. Sary-Chelek has been based as park in 1959, and has been proclaimed by Biospheric reserve in 1979. The flora and reserve fauna is rich 1000 kinds of rare animals and plants, many of which are brought in the Red Book.