Revival of the Silk Road and Kyrgyzstan

Under forecasts of the World Tourist organization, by 2020 the well-known Great Silk way becomes the most popular among tourists on our planet a route. But after all already now it is possible, how it is done by many tourists of the Western Europe and Japan, to pass on the Silk way, whether not so? And it is unessential to pass it for one trip entirely. To begin with it is possible to familiarize with the Kirghiz part of Great road. Booking air ticket is very easy through our company.

     So such Kyrgyzstan or Kirghizia? Kirghizia - the country which has cosy settled down between the Uzbek deserts, the Kazakh steppes, Tajikistan and the Western China. Through all territory of Kyrgyzstan majestic Tien Shan and Pamir, with their ranges and such known highest world peaks, as Pobeda peak (7439 m.), Lenin peak (7134 m.) lie. These majestic mountains have transformed Kyrgyzstan to edge of the glaciers not touched by the hot Asian sun, the noisy mountain rivers and brisk streamlets, the huge snow fields rich with colors of the Alpine meadows and magnificent, fertile valleys.

     High mountains and blue lakes - here, that such Kirghizia. Mountains here make 93 % of territory of this central-Asian republic! Long chains from the West on the east 88 ridges of a grandiose range - Tien Shan last, that in a translation into Russian means "motley mountains". Here there is a high-mountainous lake Issyk Kul known to any schoolboy. Other sight of Kyrgyzstan amazing imagination - lake Mertsbahera as it is at height of 3300 m. on merge of glaciers. Once a year lake dumps the waters, and the riddle of this phenomenon up to the end is not solved till now.

     In total 80 tourist zones are allocated for territories of Kyrgyzstan. From a site of tourist zones in system of moving, character and degree of concentration of tourist resources, transport and transitive availability the general orientation of development of tourist zones depends in many respects. Till 1991 on the importance they shared on zones: the international value, nowadays the near abroad countries - the CIS countries and republican value. Presence of corresponding resources defines also the functional importance of zones on tourism principal views: informative tourism, mountain-skiing, sports, trailering, speleological tourism, and also the hunting tourism and some other.

     Visitors of Republic Kyrgyzstan and tourists from the near CIS countries in the Central Asia have excellent possibility on a place to familiarize with former konno-nomadic culture, a life of Kirghiz in the past and the present. But, of course, it is more preferable to learn their national ethnography that is called, in nature during tourist travel and excursions on cities and settlements of Kyrgyzstan. At free live dialogue with Kirghiz and other local population it is possible to get acquainted with their ceremonies, the family and public holidays long since accompanied by games. Special interest is caused by wedding ceremonies, and also кочевки. Also that the most remarkable, they are not dramatized for tourists.