Some about Tajikistan

Tajikistan, officially Republic Tajikistan — the state in the Central Asia, the former Tadjik Soviet Socialist Republic as a part of the USSR. Tajikistan is located in foothills of Pamir and has no exit to the sea. This least on the area is central the Asian state. Borders on Uzbekistan and Kirghizia in the north and the West, with China in the east, with Afghanistan — in the south. Capital — a city of Dushanbe. Tours to Tajikistan well enough accomplished and flights to Iran are very comfortable. So tourists may enjoy their vacation.Tajikistan

     Tajikistan — unique persian-speaking state in the Central Asia. The majority of the population of republic is made by the Tadjiks speaking in the Tadjik language, besides, about 25 % of the population Uzbeks, and less make than 1 % — Russian. Unlike shiit Iran, the majority of the population of Tajikistan practices Islam of sunnit sense.

     Tajikistan is rich with natural resources but as 93 % of territory of republic occupy mountains, their extraction is complicated by poorly developed infrastructure. Tajikistan is located far from the basic Euro Asian transport streams. It is the poorest country on the post-Soviet territory. The distress is a consequence of many factors: unprofitable EGS (dispassionateness from a world infrastructure, high-mountainous position), heavy social conditions (in the country after disintegration of the USSR civil war has burst), weak development (not to confuse to backwardness which means development presence at least in the past) the Tadjik economy as that and weak power (in modern conditions Tajikistan possesses small experience of statehood). On gross national product volume per capita the republic concedes to all post-Soviet states, taking on this indicator the third place from the end in Asia.