Lakes and mountains

Invaluable natural gift of Tajikistan - the deep rivers. Their majority belongs to pool of Aral Sea, only some Pamir rivers bear the waters in lake Karakul or in pool of Tarim (China). The rivers differ one from another power supplies, a mode and economic value. The major among them - Pandj, Vakhsh, Amu Darya, Syr-Darya, Zeravshan, Kafirnigan, - arising highly in mountains, they eat waters of glaciers.Tajikistan Lakes

     One of the largest rivers, Pyandj, proceeds on distance of 921 km along southern border of republic. Almost on 525 km its main waterway - Vakhsh was stretched across Tajikistan. At merge of Pyandj and Vakhsh the river of republic most abounding in water - Amu Darya is formed. But Tajikistan possesses a small piece of its current - only 85 km.

     Other large river of the Central Asia, SyrDarya, crosses Northern Tajikistan on a site in length of 105 km. In the republic centre flows prompt and rough Zeravshan. In the south bears the waters to Amu Darya, Kafirnigan. In River Mountains cut narrow valleys, quite often flow in canyons with steep walls. Canyons are known on some sites of valleys on Pyandj, Muksu, Bartangu, Yazgulemu, Shaxdara, on the average a current of Vakhsh, on Zeravshan, Yagnob, Obihingou. For mountain sites of the rivers the abrupt falling of a channel reaching of several meters on kilometer is characteristic also, and in some places it makes tens and even hundreds meters on kilometer. Therefore the rivers differ a rough current. Sometimes they are overthrown by noisy boiling streams. But as soon as the rivers enter on foothill plains, their character varies. They break into channels and sleeves, become more widely, their current becomes quieter. Such are the rivers Syr-Daryas, Vakhsh, Kafirnigan, Pyandj. They are very abounding in water, but their drain is extremely non-uniform on seasons.

     In republic artificial reservoirs are created. On Syr-Darya and Vakhsh Farhadsky, Kajrakkumsky and Head water basins are built. In upper courses of Vakhsh have arisen Nureksky and other water basins. Artificial "seas" provide a normal operating mode of turbines, promote an irrigation and water supply, navigation development.

     Tajikistan LakesThanks to an abundance of the Mountain Rivers and lakes Tajikistan involves tourists - fans of extreme sports. Here there is a rest for all tastes: the mountaineering, rest at a fire, horse transitions and many other things - all it does this area especially attractive.

     The fauna of the rivers and lakes is rather poor. Some kinds of fishes - a sazan, bream, a catfish, marinka, a trout - have trade value. Лов exists mainly on SyrDarya, Vakhsh and Kafirnigan.

Mountains of Tajikistan
     High mountains of Tajikistan - the centre of a modern freezing. A total area of glaciers there not less than 9 thousand sq. km, or nearly so 6 % of territory of republic. These huge congestions of ice have arisen from snow patch. Seasonal annual and long-term of snow patch Eternal snow at the big heights under the influence of own weight begin in mountains about 3000-3500 m. are condensed and gradually turn in firn ice differing from ordinary ice by large granularity.

     Glaciers of Tajikistan represent special interest for tourists, for fans of an extreme sport. Tours to Tajikistan are suitable for all of tourists who love extreme pastime and fresh air with virgin nature.