Tajik cuisine

Tadjiks by right are proud of the ethnic cuisine and consider its as one of the most attractive factors for tourism development. Culinary art of the Tadjik people was formed within many centuries under the influence of rich history of edge. The seminomadic way of life assumes an abundance meat and farinaceous dishes. Certainly, the ethnic cuisine of Tadjiks is similar to cookery of others is central the Asian countries, however nevertheless has the features expressed in the technician preparation, processing of products and certainly taste. We will spend small digression on the Tadjik national kitchen and we will acquaint you with the basic dishes that your culinary choice was realised.

Lunch ceremony
     It is really whole ceremony as Tadjiks very respectfully concern food. Especially to bread: bread cannot be thrown and dropped on a floor, it cannot be put on dastarhan the bottom party upwards, bread do not cut, and break very cautiously.

     Tadjiks eat, sitting on sufa, round a low table - dastarhan. The dinner begins with tea. Drink tea only from payola which submit on trays. Separately submit a tray with sweets, fruit, and flat cakes. Then in big payola submit soup, and on the big round dishes - the second dishes. Salads from vegetables submit usually on the small. A dinner there begins the senior from members of a family, and then the others join a meal.

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