Tajik national language

The Tadjik language - national and the Republic Tajikistan state language.Tajik national language Outside of Republic Tajikistan it is extended to territories of Uzbekistan, partly in Kazakhstan and Kirghizia. On the Tadjik dialects speak the Tadjik population of the Islamic state Afghanistan and some tajik speaking ethnic groups of the Chinese National Republic.

     The Tadjik language concerns languages of the Persian subgroup of southwest Iranian group to the Indoeuropean language family. This language was generated on the basis of language farsi and some East Iranian languages extended in IX-X a century in territories of Movaronnahr and Horasan.

In early middle age monuments, especially in IX-XI centuries This language is called "farsi dari", "farsi" or "dari". This language is the general historical basis of three modern literary languages: Tadjik (in Tajikistan), Persian (in Iran), dari (in Afghanistan).