Reserves and parks in Tajikistan

The Tadjik National Park – is formed by the decision of Ministerial council of Republic Tajikistan from May, 20th, 1992 №267 for the purpose of preservation of unique natural resources, vanishing species of flora and fauna, ecological zones, natural monuments of culture and history, the organization and tourism development. One of the most surprising corners of the world. Here in a uniform landscape severe mountains and the green valleys, the raging mountain rivers and crystal-clear lakes, the Alpine meadows and mountain woods merge. The flora here is rich and unique. But besides remarkable flora in park the rich fauna, including very much the rare species brought in the Red book is presented. Here there live snow leopards, bears, archar, goats, marmots both other rare animals and birds of prey.Travel to Kazakhstan with our company because it is too easy to book tour into such beautiful places.The national park of Tajikistan covers a part of Mountain-Badahshansky autonomous region, Dzhirgatalsky and Tavildarinsky areas of Republic Tajikistan.

     The National park of Tajikistan includes the central part Pamiro-scarlet which includes following ridges: Academies of sciences, Zooloy, Zulumart, east part of Vanchsky, Jazgulemsky and Darvazsky ridges, the highest tops of the Central Asia and Commonwealth of the Independent states peaks of name Ismoili Somoni and Lenin, gorge of the rivers Baland-kiik and Sauksay, glacier Fedchenko and Moskvin's glade, lakes Astrakhan and Sarez.
     The Tadjik National Park is the largest especially protected natural territory of republic (and the Central Asia as a whole); the area of 2, 6 million in hectares makes 18 % from a total area of Tajikistan, 60 % of territory of mountain-Badahshansky Autonomous region.

     The Tadjik National Park by 2030 will get the status of biospheric territory and will be included in the World List of the Heritage of UNESCO. At the given stage procedure of the introduction of Tajikistan in the Convention of the World Heritage through its nomination in the list of the International national parks is already started.

     One of unique corners of the nature in upper courses of Amu-Darya, carries the name «Tiger beam». Such animals here live in a photogenic environment, as a noble deer-hangul, a deserted antelope djeyran, a leopard, a cane cat, a hyena, a black-golden Tadjik pheasant, a deserted partridge-chil, an short-toed eagle, a wild boar, a badger, a porcupine. From reptiles valuable to a science and medicine the Central Asian cobra, gorse, efa and numerous group of other nonpoisonous snakes. Such fishes are found in the rivers and lakes as a trout, marinka, a catfish, gragonhead, a sazan, a white cupid, and in the bottom watercourse Vakhsh the most ancient relic fish – skafiringus has remained.

Romitsky reserve.
     Settles down in 70 kilometers from Dushanbe, to the northeast. For fans of the wild nature is a present find. The place near reserve, in interfluve of Sardaimien and Sorbo also is unique and it is interesting. Tourists a little know it and practically do not visit. But, if you manage to get to this heavenly spot where it is a lot of the sun, dark blue transparent rivers, mountain woods, bright subalpine colors, falls, snow patch, little-known passes, consider, that to you has inexpressibly carried. The reserve «Dashti Djum» is organized in 1983 on southern slope of Darvaskogo a ridge, its area of 19,7 thousand in hectares. Preservation of last Central Asia in territory of high-grade and viable population screw-horned goat (morhur), and also Central Asian muphlon became the purpose of the organization of reserve. The reserve is located in Shurabadsky area of Hatlonsky area which is in 240 km from a city of Dushanbe. In reserve territory it is the most preferable to develop mountain-sports rounds, ecological rounds and photo hunting. Historic-natural park "Shirkent" is located near to the Republic Tajikistan city of Tursunzade, on distance more than 70 kilometers from republic capital. The park has unique nature-recreational resources. Arrival on territory is carried out under demands for custom-made transport. Natural Park "Sari-Hosor" is located in Baldzhuvansky area of republic which the decision of the Government of Republic Tajikistan is declared by a zone of the international tourism. The park is on distance more than 300 kilometers from a city of Dushanbe.