Tourism in Tajikistan

 Tajikistan in sense of climatic zones - the unique country. Travel to Central Asia and you will be satisfied with quality of service of airport in Tajikistan, having arrived here, you will visit and the deserts similar to Sahara, and on the Alpine meadows, up to the high-mountainous glaciers which are not conceding Himalaya.

     To recent last Tajikistan used huge popularity at tourists, climbers, deltaplaners and other sportsmen extremals. This love to, indescribable beauty, to places of Tajikistan is caused also by what to travel on Republic it is possible all year long. By quantity of clear days in a year (nearby 250) the Republic occupied one of the first places in the former USSR.

     Thanks to Physics-geographical features the country has the big potential possibilities for tourism and reception development of tour groups the most different direction and interests.

     The present pearl of Tajikistan is Pamir, «a world Roof», a place of interests and pilgrimage of scientists, travelers and sportsmen. To look at Pamir, to inhale its air, to take pleasure and leave in memory vast tops and mountain valleys, to see a life of mountain settlements, with their original way of life, customs and traditions the combined centuries, to see Pamir girls, harmonious as chamoises, with blue eyes and light hair – a heritage of campaigns of Alexander the Great, to take pleasure in violence of paints of declines and dawn – dream which will necessarily come true, it is necessary to want.

     Surprising travel to a legend – so it is possible to name round across Hissar mountains. Very few people did not hear about fine Lake Iskanderkul. If to translate name Iskander, we will receive required - Alexander. Iskander Zulkarnain – Alexander two-horned – so population of Sogd and Bactria named Alexander the Great. Tens places and names of cities are connected with his name both in Tajikistan and in Uzbekistan. Here and Iskanderkul – Alexander's lake – has not avoided a similar fate, carries a name of the tsar - tsars. After transition through pass Angisht, with its dizzy height and geometric walls, to a look the serene, soft and philosophical calmness of fantastic Lake Iskanderkul opens. Its waters direct at thoughts about eternal and infinite, about categories which in everyday vanity of a city life practically are not recollected. From the tourist base located on Iskanderkul, fine possibility to make excursion on Fansky Mountains which are famous for the unusual lakes both bewitching monumentalism and unreal, stunning beauty tops opens.

     Tourists are expected by a meeting with other fine lake - Parien which is located at height of 2600 meters in hills Hodja Lakon.
     Smelling sweet, smelling with smells of different grass the Alpine meadows, impassable thickets of woods, crystal-clear water of lake and continuously murmuring mountain rivers, the cleanest high-mountainous air for a long time will charge energy and vivacity. Round lake Parien and one more - Temurdar (try to guess, from whose name there was a name of it, the third lake), many hearings and legends go. And quarter of the century back at these lakes worked expedition on purpose to find out traces of the yeti which as speak, inhabitants of local kishlaks time and again saw. The beauty of lakes develops of an amazing transparency and unusually - dark blue color of water and the fantastic landscape surrounding them.

     In these places closely connected with a name Macedonian, many and other historical and architectural monuments.