Some about travel to Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan – republic in the Central Asia. Flights to Turkmenistan are very comfortable. Air tickets can be bought in our travel agency. From the neighbors favorably differs that has an exit to the sea (Caspian). At the same time in the country – it is possible to see the present deserts with barkhans. Turkmenistan — the country of deserts and oases, original historical and cultural traditions. In its territory the most ancient civilizations of the world prospered. Turkmenistan it is unconditional the country of contrasts. Especially, today, when republic cities completely change the shape, more and more becoming similar for the European megacities. Thus at them invariably there is also an East embodied in special architecture, furnish of buildings, numerous mosques and ancient monuments.Turkmenistan

     It all together creates unique shape of the country existing on a joint of times, organically uniting the past and the future. Capital of Turkmenistan – Ashkhabad. In transfer with Persian it means «a love city», an oasis, with love created by hands of people among sand and mountains. Ashkhabad a city of blossoming parks, masterpieces of architecture, the sculptures, tremendous fountains, museums and monuments.

     Not to consider every possible excursion routes across Turkmenistan. In its territory the rare ancient monuments have remained. One of such – legendary Nissa – residence of Parfjan kings, a medieval city – Enev. Moving ahead in depth of the country, it is possible to see remains of the ancient city of Merv. Besides antiquities, in Turkmenistan there is a weight of unique natural sights: underground lakes, High Mountain tops, deep crevices, really paradise places in high mountains, to analogues which are not present practically anywhere.

     To try the original Turkmen dishes prepared from fresh mutton, on fire wood from a saxaul, to see the eyes well-known for the whole world axaltek racers, legendary Turkmen carpets of manual work, to become the eyewitness of national ceremonies and many other things – all it is possible in such surprising country as Turkmenistan!