Unique architectural ancient sights of the Turkmenistan

 Turkmenistan - centre of magnificent, unique architectural ancient sights. The mausoleums erected over tombs of the most outstanding people, so extended to territories of our country, became traditional in the Islamic world, since IX-X centuries. An indisputable pearl among them is the mausoleum of sultan Sandzhara in an old site of ancient settlement Merv, the architecture of Merv ensemble of XV century - the mausoleum of Ashabs, associates of Prophet Mohammed is interesting. Causes admiration the mausoleum full of secrets Astana-woman near which always it is possible to meet pilgrims.

     In territory of modern Turkmenistan variety of large architectural monuments is located:

Old NissaOld Nissa
- a palace-temple complex of times of the Parfjan state, I - III century of century BC.

New Nissa
- an ancient site of ancient settlement with dwellings of slaveholders and the big natural zone I - XVIII century of century.

- a medieval site of ancient settlement with mausoleums Parau-bibi, Parau-ata XII century.

- historical area in the west of Turkmenistan, consisting of the big cemetery Mashat with mausoleum of Shir-Kabir X century and ruins of the city of Missirian X - XV century.


- a medieval city with ruins of a fortress, a mosque, buildings X - XVIII centuries.

- an ancient site of ancient settlement with a fortification, to the mausoleums both Abul-Fazla (Sarahs-woman) and Jarty-Gummez.

The talhatan-woman
- the mausoleum of XII century (30 km to the west of Mary).


- one of the biggest archaeological complexes in the Central Asia and one of the major history-architectural reserves of Turkmenistan.

- a cave site of ancient settlement of the early Middle Ages near Tagtabazar, the right coast of the river Murghab.

- a country estate of the Lobster-kali, the mausolean ensemble consisting of a mosque and a tomb (15 km from Atamurat), XII century.

- a caravan-shed of XI century (near to Turkmenabad).

- a medieval city and the mausoleum XI - XV centuries.

Unique architectural ancient sights of the TurkmenistanIzmukshir
- an ancient city near the Ottoman with a fortification, extent of 1,5 km.

Kunya Urgench
- the rests of capital of the state Horezmshah with magnificent architectural monuments.

- a medieval site of ancient settlement with the mosque rests.

- a medieval city (to the northwest from Kunya Urgench). Consists of the rests of a magnificent fortress and the mausoleums.

– a caravan-shed (38 km from Balkanabat). Rectangular strengthening with a stone wall, residential building ruins are inside located.

Mosque «Seyitdjemaledin»
- a masterpiece of Muslim architecture of XV century.

     Among sand east Karakum archeologists have found out ruins of monumental fortresses and temples, in the sizes capable to compete constructions of Assyria and Babylon. In 1992 have opened huge necropolis Gonur-Depe. In burial places numerous subjects of utensils, a mirror, cosmetic vessels, silver ornaments, alabaster both ceramic vases and set of other subjects made in III millennium BC are found out.