National property of the Turkman

  When speech comes about Turkmenistan, the imagination draws at once boundless pastures with frolicking «axaltekin», protecting them betrayed alabays, amazing carpets of manual work, bright iridescent silks, aged men in huge papaha, closing eyes. Yes, really, all aforesaid already is an original heritage of the Turkmen people, its property, of what he is proud and that distinguishes it from other Muslim countries.

Turkmen alabay
     Turkmen dog - alabay - a beautiful and courageous animal. Throughout many centuries it helps Turkmens to protect cattle flocks in heavy conditions of sandy desert. This magnificent dog you will not confuse with one other breed. Powerful, well combined, alabay submits nobleness of movements, confidence and calmness. But, who saw, how this fighter fights with a predator, that already never will leave with alabay. Now at a Turkmen wolfhound it is a lot of friends and admirers all over the world.

     The horse at the Turkmen long since was a sacred animal. It is difficult to present the Turkmen without a horse. «A horse – a member of a Turkmen family equal in rights», - speak here. Turkmens have carried by the careful and quivering relation to a horse in millennia. In V century BC «the father of history» Gerodot informed, that ancestors the Turkmen, have selected a horse a sun symbol as, on their representations, the fastest star on the earth the most swift-footed should correspond on the earth an animal.

Turkmen carpets
     Turkmenistan is known for the whole world for the surprising carpets, which Turkmen women weave manually. Work of carpet creators is comparable with the present feat. If today carpet making - business of professionals last centuries each Turkmen was able to weave carpets.

Turkmen silks
     Turkmenistan — the native land of a silk homespun matter «keteni». Turkmens since olden days successfully were engaged with silk making, their homespun matter thanks to the durability, and also brightness and beauty of drawing very much was appreciated and in great demand.

Papahas – national property the Turkmen
     Despite at times forty-degree heat Turkmen aksakals go in the big shaggy fur caps, than cause considerable surprise of tourists. However, this unique headdress which has been thought up by Turkmens still in an antiquity, on the contrary, rescues from strong heat.