Turkmen language

The Turkmen spoken language developed on the basis of dialects of Turkic languages. More precisely, western oguz dialects. Have made the impact kipchak and old uzbek languages. In 1928 Arabian alphabet has been replaced Latin, in 1940 Latin alphabet has been replaced by Russian.

     Literary Turkmen language was generated in XX century under influence of a breeding dialect. Modern Turkmen writing is based on Cyrillic, but in XXI century is planned to translate it on the Latin drawing.Turkmen language

     In Turkmen language the Turkmen is allocated about 30 dialects and dialects, basically corresponding to ethnic groups: tekin (the central part of Turkmenistan), yodmud (western and northern areas), ersarin (east areas, across Amu Darya), salir (area Serahsa on border of Turkmen and Iran), sarik (an average current of Murghab), chovdur (Tashauz), etc. the Dialect Stavropol the Turkmen traditionally is called Turkmen as language.

     From the moment of formation and till 1928 writing in Turkmen language existed on the Arabian basis. During the period between 1928-1940 of in Turkmen language the Latin was used. In 1940 Turkmen language is translated on Cyrillic with additions of several letters. In 1993 in a management of Turkmenistan the decision on transition with 1996 on Latinized the alphabet is accepted The Turkmens living outside of Turkmenistan, use the alphabet on the Arabian basis.