Turkmenistan`s cookery

 As is known culinary traditions of these or those people develop under the influence of two conditions: historical and geographical. A nomadic way of life, severe conditions of residing in desert - all it has affected features of culinary traditions the Turkmen. One of its main properties – simplicity and availability both in a choice of products, and in ways of preparation.

The most popular dish in Turkmenistan – plov.

     It prepare from lamb, carrots, rice and an onions. Also, it is very extended shurpa - a broth from mutton with addition of a potato and a tomato. In a special way Turkmans concern bread. Creation of national bread – choreka – here the present art. Tandir (the clay furnace) where it is baked chorek, is considered the most sacred place in dwelling, and itself chorek was always esteemed as protecting preserve.

     As well as any country in the Central Asia Turkmenistan is unprecedented rich with finest fruits: vegetables, fruit, vine crop. For the whole world Turkmen melons especially are famous for the honey aroma, which else during pre-Islamic times made the export goods of the country.
     The Turkmen ethnic cuisine has much in common with kitchens of other Central Asian people, first of all Uzbek and Karakalpak. However differs from them a number of features. And first of all presence of set of fish dishes, thanks to affinity of Caspian sea.

     And still, unlike the Uzbek and Tadjik kitchens in the Turkmen it is used much less vegetables. Use a radish and tomatoes is more often. The onions are very popular. It eat in a crude kind and use as seasoning. Use a pumpkin and carrots much less often, is even more rare — mung bean.
     The set of used spices differs from Uzbek and Tadjik a little. Turkmens widely use red and black pepper, mint, wild parsley, ajgon, bujgun (Gauls of a pistachio tree). Instead of curcuma Turkmens use a saffron, garlic.