Turkmenistan`s nature & landscapes

Traveling to Turkmenistan tourists are involved with unique natural monuments: tremendous flora - woods wild fruit and nuts, Central Asian juniper woods on slopes of mountains, pistachio savannah light forests, saksaul woods, inundated tugays; various fauna - the Central Asian leopards, архары, kulans, djeyrans; a bewitching landscape - from picturesque mountain ridges to lifeless sand of desert, from green oases to multi kilometer sea coast.

     In Turkmenistan huge number of caves. Most known of them – Karljuk caves. They are on a slope of ridge Kugitanktau and are unique nature sanctuaries, it are not present equal in Eurasia, and they by right are included in the List of the world heritage of UNESCO.

Lakes and sources
     Sarakamish - the largest lake of Turkmenistan. Its area exceeds 2200 km. For protection of a waterfowl - pelicans, cormorants, bald-coots - it is created and operates Sarakamysh forest reservation. In the well-known Baharden cave there is an underground lake Kou-Ata. Its area - 1050 m. sq., average depth — 6 m, and temperature of water +33... +37 ° C. Water of lake differs surprising cleanliness and a transparency.

     Kugitang mountains among which there is the highest peak of Turkmenistan – Ayribaba (3,137m.). Big the Balkans - a range to desert Kara Kum. Here archeologists have found out human remains of the Stone Age. The landscape of slopes of mountain Sjunt, places of the plants entirely covered with rare species is original. Red and orange canyons Yangikala and Yangusu represent a tremendous show.

     In the west of Turkmenistan is available about 30 mud volcanoes. They are various under the form and appearance. Periodically they throw up on a surface a mix of mud weights, gases, water and oil. The biggest volcano Aligul (gone out). The most ancient – mud volcano Boyadag.

Hollows and hollows
     Eroylan-duz - deep drainless hollow (a total area 300 sq. km). During ancient times for this place the huge sea Thetis was stretched. On a place of the volcanic centers when - that operating at the bottom of the sea the unique hollow also was formed. Here the dome-shaped and slightly extended hills representing muzzles of extinct volcanoes are fancifully scattered, between hills saline soils where extracted table salt are located. The beautiful andesitic-basalt formations, the removed volcanic rods here tower.

Natural boundaries and gorges
     Kirkjulbi - picturesque natural boundary in desert Kara Kum. The special beauty to natural boundary is given by high abrupt barkhans in which rolls natural boundary and bright – reddish - an earth shade.

Kara Kum
     Barkhans of Kara Kum sand - occupy 7 % of flat territories and are the characteristic form of a sandy relief. Meet in places where there is no vegetation.

Plains and a plateau
     Missirian plain Large files of an ancient irrigation with traces of ancient irrigational constructions here have remained.

     Flora of Turkmenistan is relic woods, subtropics with a set of the rare plants, picturesque corners with the remained centuries-old flora.