Traditions of the Turkmen

Turkmen hospitality – the most defining sign of these friendly people. Turkmens often put opinion on the person how it receives visitors. The visitor welcome words «Hosh geldingiz!» And, besides, say ritual phrases: «As we to see glad you! You have rendered what honor to us!» Traditions of the Turkmen

     The cloth on which place dishes with meal, is considered sacred, and to attack it a sin. Before to start the food intake, everyone by tradition uplifts praise to the Lord. In the east speak: «the Visitor – from the Allah!» From here follows, that it is good to receive the visitor – not only a duty, but also a holy duty of the owner. This tradition has arisen in an antiquity and has strongly taken roots in consciousness modern the Turkmen. In those days it was the elementary form of protection. People would not transfer burdens of desert, would not survive without support each other. Therefore to the person, the traveler who has not shown hospitality, its relatives expressed contempt even.
     Turkmens always considered bread and salt as sacred products. To attack them – means to draw a trouble.

Traditional respect of seniors
     The respectful relation to seniors also is based on ancient traditions. Is inadmissible not to satisfy their request, to argue with them, to lour at them or to show the discontent, to wait for gratitude for the rendered service or to remind of it. Customs demand honoring of parents and in general seniors. The Turkmen saying says: «Gold and silver does not grow old, the father and mother of the price have no». The father as the head of the family has the right to estimate acts of children, and also is obliged to protect them. Children should concern with special awe mother and respect her. The slightest display of the disrespectful relation or an inattention to mother not only is condemned by associates, but also should be stopped there and then.

Traditions of the TurkmenTraditions of morals
     Turkmens – the highly moral people. In the relation to a life they cultivate hospitality, honoring of seniors, modesty, nobleness, truthfulness, honesty, boldness, sincere generosity. «The noble person, confirms a Turkmen proverb if promises, will necessarily constrain the word».
     Turkmens highly put concept of honor. «My honor is an honor of my family, my tribe, my people», - they like to repeat. At the Turkmen the so-called spirit of relationship is strongly developed.
     Turkmens always appreciated sincerity. «Speak the truth even if it against you» – says popular wisdom. The debt and the obligation are esteemed, levity and garrulity are condemned.
     In a Turkmen society always negatively concerned malignant gossip, considering, that «the one who gossips with you, gossips and in your address». And, certainly, such unworthy lines, as cowardice, cowardice, ingratitude were condemned.
     Turkmens value feeling of friendship and love, kind relations maintain with neighbors. There is a set of national sayings on this theme: «Before to construct the house, learn, who yours the neighbor», «Live in the neighborhood with happy, and itself will be happy», «First of all take care of the neighbor», «Close the neighbor is better, than the far brother».

Traditional wedding rituals
     Weddings at the Turkmen have always been surrounded by set of various customs and ceremonies. The leading role in their execution was played by clothes. Was considered, what even has magic value, carrying out functions оберега and clarifications.

     In wedding ritual the scarf had great value. On «Gelin toy» (wedding of the bride) women from all villages bore wedding gifts, sweets in small knots from scarves. At leaving to them returned knots with gifts, equivalent to the brought.

     For a cut and wedding dress sewing chose the certain days which were considered at Moslems as the successful. Well-being of the bride depended on it. Made a dress in the house of the bride of a fabric presented by the groom. The woman respected on village, mother having many children, in an environment of close bridesmaids cut a dress. They took away material scraps - fortunately.