Turkmenistan`s reserves & parks

  In Turkmenistan there are 8 national parks and 14 reservations and it is no wonder - the unique nature of the country, its deserted and semidesertic live communities are extremely vulnerable and depend on care of the person. And taking into account riches of local flora and the fauna, equal to which does not have on all subcontinent, and intensive development of an oil and gas complex of the country, 760 thousand sq. km of local reserves at all do not look an excess. Under protection are more than 3000 kinds of plants, about 50 kinds of fish and 279 kinds of animals, and also nearby more than 3 million hectare of woods. Tours in Central Asia were proud with these Reserves and Parks.

Amudaria reserve
     The Amudaria national park is created in 1982 the Modern area of Amudaria reserve - 49,5 thousand hectare. It consists of three sites which are in Biratin, Sejdin and Farab areas, Lebap areas of Turkmenistan.

At feet of Kopet Dagh
     It will be interesting to dear tourist to visit in "oil" edge, at the sea, in the West of republic. Here, on blest under mountain to plain to the east from Ashkhabad, the most ancient agricultural settlements of the epoch which have been kept away from us in 4-6 millennium when the person only just left stone tools are dug out, replacing their bronze. Here, to the West from Ashkhabad, it is dug out already known to us fine Nissa — capital of Parthia which was occupied by one of the most ancient ancestors of the Turkmen people.

Turkmen subtropics
     The Turkmen subtropics which are settling down in the southwest of republic, behind the Kopetdag ridge, represent special interest for the tourist. They are in a corner which is formed almost meridional by a line of the Caspian coast in the west and frontier with Iran in the southeast. Kopet Dagh covers this corner from Kara Kum with their summer heat and a winter icy cold, and the sea softens seasonal fluctuations of temperature and humidity. Two features the nature of this area possesses: the first feature — warm, absolutely «not winter» winter, without frosts and snow, as in Southern to Crimea.

Kugitan reserve
     Kojtendag, or the Kugitan reserve is based in 1986, the area of 27, 1 thousand in hectares, occupied by preservation and restoration mountain ecosystem Southern Pamir-scarlet. Ridge Kugitangtau, being on border of the mountain-Central Asian and Iranian provinces, is characterized by original physics-geographical conditions, both original flora and fauna.