Custom rules of Uzbekistan

Customs declaration

At entrance and departure, with a view of observance of custom rules of Uzbekistan, passengers are obliged to fill the customs declaration of form Т-6 in duplicate.

Export of foreign cash currency out of Republic limits is authorized:
a)    Within the sum equivalent 2 000 (two thousand) US dollars, without permission reception, to residents;
b)    Over the sum equivalent 2 000 (two thousand) US dollars with the permission of the authorized banks under the form № 09006, to residents;
c)    Over the sum equivalent 5 000 (five thousand) US dollars  with permission of the Central bank of Republic Uzbekistan under the form № 09006-1, for residents;
d)    To non-residents within the sum delivered to Republic according to the customs declaration. Export of foreign cash over the sum specified in custom declaration at entrance to Republic Uzbekistan, is supposed with the permission of the Central Bank or the authorized banks.
e)    Export of traveler’s checks is unlimited with obligatory instructions of their quantity in customs declaration T-6

  It’s forbidden to take out from Republic Uzbekistan:
-    Grain (wheat, a rye, barley, oats, rice, corn, a buckwheat);
-     Bakery products (except flour confectionery, cakes, cookies of own manufacture);
-     A flour, groats;
-     Cattle, a bird;
-     Meat and a food offal;
-     Sugar;
-    Olden times things(pictures, sculptures and other), valuable subjects of art
-    Vegetable oils
-    Tanning raw materials( including non-standard)
-    A breakage and a waste of nonferrous metals
-    Silkworm cocoons, suitable for unwinding, raw silk(not twisted), a waste silk(including the cocoons unsuitable for unwinding, a waste cocoon threads and the loosened waste)
-    Rare and vanishing species of the animals brought in the Red book of Republic Uzbekistan.

Export of medical products and equipment is supposed only with the permission of Ministry of Health of the Republic Uzbekistan.

Export of the geological information, stone geological materials, other information about bowels, including aerospace, for prediction and estimation of resources and etc.
 Import is authorized:
-The goods for own needs, cost no more than 1000 dollars
- Cash foreign currency in unlimited quantity, within the obligatory written statement in the custom declaration
- Alcoholic production in volume of 2 liters
- Tobacco products in number of 10 packs
- Jewels in number of 5 products, but no more than 30 grams;
- Medical products in the volume appointed the doctor.

Import to Republic Uzbekistan of printing editions, manuscripts, a cliché, drawings, pictures, films, negatives, cinema-video-and audio production, the sound materials directed to blasting state and the social order, infringement of territorial integrity, political independence and the state sovereignty, propagandizing war, terrorism, violence, nationalism and religious hatred, racism and it`s versions (anti-Semitism, fascism), and also materials of the pornographic maintenance is forbidden.

Import and export of national currency is resolved only at rate of minimum salaries in Uzbekistan.