Bazaars in Uzbekistan

Базар ЧорсуSince the old times eastern bazaars is the place, where people comes for shops, to communicate, to discuss the last news, to watch the performances of amateur actors called here «maskharaboz». The feature of the eastern bazaar is, you won’t leave it without shops. Here you will always find what you need.

This is famous bright silk cloths, different unusual souvenirs, like ceramic figures of eastern beauties, men in national clothes, sometimes called here «baby»., souvenir knifes, beads, scarf’s  of amazing colors, national clothes, skullcaps, eastern sweets, dried apricots, raisin, almonds, water-melons, melons, always fresh fruits and vegetables, and lot’s of interesting goods. Hospitality and manner of trading of local sellers won’t leave indifferent even the most avaricious buyer.

СувенирыThere are traditional bazaars in every city of Uzbekistan. The biggest, ancient and beautiful is « Chor-Su» bazaar in Tashkent. It is situated in the centre of ancient part of the city. It’s more than 2 000 thousand years old. This complex is two-storied building with blue dome over it. Counters are motley with lots of goods. Sellers in eager rivalry offer you to taste salty almond baked in hall, sweet dried apricots, juicy melon and water-melon, speaking, that you won’t find the same nowhere.  Eastern bazaar boils with life and got there you will plunge in whirlpool of real East.

Uzbek bazaar«Alayskiy» bazaar is also famous.  But it was not always the same. In XIX century it was just little shop in soldiers and their families’ settlement.  People sold fruits, vegetables, silk and pottery there. Local sellers called it « Alayskiy» bazaar that mean «Soldiers» bazaar.  That time there lived Uzbeks, Kirghiz, Kazakhs and Tadjiks. About the time, new European settlements appeared there. Officially bazaar appeared in XX century. It was upgraded. Main gates are leave on the basic “Amir Temur” street. The smell of spice and fruits is carried by the whole territory of bazaar and attract buyers. Abundance pleases. You can find there almost everything. Beginning with the sweets and finishing with the room flowers.

Сиабский базар в СамаркандеThe most popular and famous bazaar in Samarkand is “Siab-bazaar”. Only there you can taste natural Samarkand flat cakes with a golden crust. One day bakers from Tashkent decided to bake these flat cakes. They put the clay furnace called here  “Tandir” , kneaded dough by the recipe, burnt fire, baked flat cakes, but they turned out not like in Samarkand. Bakers referred to that there is special water in Samarkand. Water has been brought after their request. Bakers kneaded dough with this water but flat cakes was not so tasty again. Nobody knows how it happened. But till nowadays Samarkand is the only city where is this amazing flat cakes.

East markets in Uzbekistan

If travel on the different countries of the world is the best way to learn culture and people life visiting of markets will allow you to experience all color of the given country. As soon as you get on a market then are involved in all this market turmoil and turmoil, you hear everywhere noise and din. They are buyers bargain with sellers to reduce the price for the goods. Also has put even not so much in reduction of price, how many in the process of the auction. And after all it so is fascinating! Try to process the auction with Uzbek people at market booking air ticket and tour to Uzbekistan and you will be satisfied lots of new and interesting things.

Базар ЧорсуAll market will become permeated with the smell of aromas of various east spices, smells of vegetables and fruit; eyes run up from a variety of the goods which have been spread out on counters. Each seller will carefully suggest you to try its "goods" before you want it to buy, and he knows precisely, that after that you already for certain will not refuse purchase because, to tell the truth, on east farmer’s market of the bad goods practically does not happen.

After all every farmer with the big love concerns cultivation of the vegetables and fruit, and understands, that, having bought though time at it kg of fruit, you should come back to it again and again. Having visited a market, you receive not only pleasure from purchases, but also unforgettable experience from dialogue with aboriginals of the country.

Uzbekistan is located at a crossroads of ways of the Great Silk way, both culture, and traditions of people living here include synthesis of all cultures of the people of the Central Asia and the countries of the Great Silk way. It is the earth with rich traditions and the customs peculiar to the people, living here during many hundreds years.

Uzbek knives The market - economic establishment which lives and copes by own rules. It does trading activity of more effective. It includes a public order, every possible agreements, equivalence, money, measures and weight, a guarantee...

The market always played a fundamental role in city economy and should guarantee maintenance of citizens first of all the foodstuffs and raw materials.

The markets of Uzbekistan - reflexion of ancient traditions and ceremonies of local residents. They reflect difficult, dynamic process, in which just as the goods, circulated people, knowledge, values, ideas and tastes.

Chorsa BazaarExcept foodstuffs delivery, the markets have also other functions which allow us to get acquainted with traditions of people. The market - highly socialized place, synthesis of certain cultural codes. The markets help to hold in remembrance places. Even during our modern time all forms of trade still have not lost the urgency, and remained to exist from the most primitive rituals of sale and purchase of the goods to the advanced.

People still trade in places open-air, on counters, or use the improvised places of sale, like tables or wooden benches, equip covered counters or trays directly on open air.

The same as and in the past, in the presents time we can find a variety of vegetables and fruit on local markets: these are melons, water-melons, peaches, a cherry, pears, apples, apricots, tomatoes, cucumbers, a potato, rice, a peanut, almonds, pistachios, and also a wide range of spices and dried fruits which bring from various areas.

Alajsky farmer’s (collective-farm) market
The history of the Alajsky market originates in those far times when on territory of the earth of the Central Asia there passed the Great Silk way. The name "Alajsky" has occurred from the mountain name "Oloj". In XII-XIX centuries of a vicinity of mountain Oloj were famous for a convenient place for trade. Local residents: Kazakhs, Tadjiks, Uzbeks, the Kirghiz lodging around, traded here. Spices, a pottery, products from silk, vegetables, and fruit were a trade subject. Where there is a trade, there the world and calmness.

Uzbek bazaarMirabadsky farmer’s market
 In the middle of XIX century in territory of the Central Asian region (Turkestan military district) there are military actions and then around a present site of the Mirabad market for treatment of patients the hospital for treatment of soldiers is formed. From here also there is a former name of market "Hospital". Present Nikolsky's basis of a cathedral concerns this time, for today of the main thing in the Central Asia also.

Farhadsky farmer’s market
The Farhadsky market is located in the centre of the two-big areas of a city of Tashkent - Chilanzarsky and Akmal-Ikramov areas, on crossing of two central main streets: Farhadsky and Lutfiy. The market arrangement in the centre working, or so-called "sleeping" areas, does its color especial. Sensation of that the goods, whether it be vegetables, fruits or another foodstuff, much-main feature of a market, so, and the prices for a market little bit more low.

Chorsu market
 At each market the soul, the philosophy. The market "the Old city" is a special philosophy of the East. It seems that all roads have converged on it, it and the underground, Chorsu station, it and the set of buses, fixed-route taxis and other transport closes in itself the big dome over a market. Market

Uzbek dried fruitsBesh Ogach
Along with the big markets, in Tashkent there is a set of smaller markets located in inhabited files with which are convenient for using to inhabitants whom lives nearby. Such market is Besh Ogach, close the area with the same name. Feature of small markets is that inhabitants, who use these markets, communicate with sellers on a market as with long time familiar people.

Kujljuksky market
The Kujljuk market is located on crossing of streets "Fargona yuli" and the Big Ring road. The market arrangement on city suburb is as though collars in a city, on the one hand the-boundless fields processed by caring hands of farmers on which generous gifts of the earth grow, and on the other hand - a mullions-strong city.

Jangiabadsky market
Jangiabad market - a place of an attraction of the population from all city. Every Saturday and Sunday here in huge territory is developed grandiose trade, including by the goods second hand.