Fishing in Uzbekistan

Fishing.  Golden Fish Club.

Fishing is not only pleasant pastime. It’s passion, state of mind, when you in expectation of good catch near the fire with good company. This process either pacifies, or makes blood boil when the float moves because of hooked fish. They say, that feeling, when you hold fish 10 kilogram weight caught by yourself, nothing to compare with. Knowingly speak, that fishing is medicine for sole.  Russian proverb says:” Fortune in fishing is work and patience”.

Fishing in UzbekistanThe most popular fishing places in Uzbekistan are Anhor, Kara-kamish, Kara-su, Boz-su ducts, Sirdarya River, Chirchik, Charvak and Gazalkent reservoir. And that’s not all the places where you can try fortune and catch goldfish.

There’s one place not far from Tashkent, called “Golden Fish Club”. Its rest zone where you can enjoy silence and beauty of the nature, with basin where in clear water lives fish, that you can catch and skillful cooker will cook it specially for you. If you are beginner in fishing, club trainers will teach you everything. Reservoir regular fill up with fish, so take fishing tackle confidently, seat at the shore comfortably and fish with pleasure. Catch will amaze you. Another Russian proverb says:” Give fish to a man and you will feed him once. Teach him to fish and he will feed with it all his life”.

Fishing is not the only thing you can do there. There’s specially equipped line where you can ride horse. Also you can practice in playing Paintball, to shoot in the shooting range and take a part in different sport competitions provided there.

Becoming a member of GFC you can rent comfortable cottages in the club territory.