Lyabi-Hauz Ensemble

Медресе КукельдашLyabi-Hauz (lit. "shore of pool") is very popular among travelers. It is the largest artificial reservoir of medieval Bukhara. It was installed around 1620 between khanaka and madrassah, constructed by the order of khan's vizier Nadir Divan-beghi.

The two new buildings and Kukeldash Madrassah had formed a perfect architectural ensemble with reservoir in the middle. The pool is of 42 m in length, 36 m in width and about 5 m in depth. Lyabi-Hauz has stone steps by which Bukhara watermen went down to take water.

Медресе Надира Диван-бегиKhanaka and madrassah of Nadir Divan-Beghi (1620)
Khanaka and madrassah of Nadir Divan-Beghi Khanaka was built first of Lyabi-Hauz ensemble. It was a place for staying and meditations of Sufis.

This is a massive rectangular structure with cruciform hall under dome and hudjras in corners. The pool was built later. Nadir Divan-Beghi constructed caravanserai on its other side.

At the opening of caravanserai, Imamkuli-khan (1611-1642) complimented his minister on construction of the building "for the glory of Allah" by advice of Sufi sheikhs. So, Nadir Divan-Beghi had to convert it into madrassah. Flying phoenixes decorate the reconstructed portal.

Медресе Надира Диван-бегиKukeldash Madrassah (Kulba-Kukeldash) (1568-69)
Kukeldash Madrassah (Kulba-Kukeldash) dates from the 16th century and relates to the period of Abdullah-khan II. This is one of the biggest Bukhara madrassah. It has one hundred sixty hudjras in two stories on perimeter of 2-aivan courtyard.

Памятник Ходже НасриддинуOne of the famous Central Asian writers of the 20th Sadraddin Aini (1878-1954) studied there. Traditional facades are faced with majolica.

The facade fronts Lyabi-Hauz. It contains entrance hall, mosque and darskhana. Stellullar plafonds from brick or stucco form original interior of madrassah.