Architectural monuments and ensembles of Uzbekistan - Live history oh the Silk Way

Monuments of Uzbekistan These words told by known Russian writer F.Dostoevskiy several centuries ago, have not lost the urgency and today, in the XXI-st century. All of us live people, on a miscellaneous we think, we speak in various languages, we preach various religions, and we represent different cultural traditions. But every day all to become thought on a mutual understanding establishment between the various people irrespective of, in what part of Globe they live more clearly and more clearly.

Our measure of responsibility before the future is high and consequently we should do the utmost today to keep for following generations all achievements of a human civilization.

Rounds to Uzbekistan are valuable, first of all, that open a window in modern Uzbek culture and its ancient history. From the point of view of a historical heritage, Uzbekistan is one of the most known countries not only region, but also all world. We have honor to present to you a particle of a spiritual heritage of a civilization of the Central Asia - monuments of ancient culture of historical cities of Uzbekistan. Time has kept for us the unique world of medieval architecture of sacred Bukhara, the Samarkand topped with blue domes and directed by minarets to the sun of Khiva.

Ancient Sights in Uzbekistan are built by the most considerable governors of the world. Sights in Uzbekistan’s culture are varied.

We hope, you not only remember images of Registan or Shahs-zinda in Samarkand, mausoleum of Samanids and minaret Kalyan in Bukhara, mausoleum of Pahlavan-Mahmud and the Dzhuma-mosque in Khiva, but also join number of these admirers and other masterpieces of architectural Space of Uzbekistan. Each of you, our visitors, can comprehend features of a heritage of the Uzbek culture, and it is very pleasant and it is useful.