Euronews shows report on Shahi Zinda complex


Шахи Зинда

Euronews TV channel continues to show a cycle of broadcasts Postcards from Uzbekistan.

The broadcast includes report dedicated to the memorial complex Shahi Zinda in Samarkand.

Informative video about our country went to the Euronews channel on 26 September, and generally will be broadcasted until October 2 of this year.

It is narrated that this monument of medieval architecture in the past has emerged as the burial place of royalty and the local nobility.

The complex consists of a string of fine, sparkling blue tiles burial vaults. The main mausoleum, from where begins the necropolis which is considered the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad's cousin, Kusam ibn Abbas, noted in the report.

Experts point out the uniqueness of the architectural ensemble of solutions related to the fact that numerous mosques and mausoleums of the nobility were built at different levels - they finish building, is built for almost nine centuries.

There are 11 tombs of 14-15 centuries, as well as three mosques dating back to the XI century. In general, Shahi Zinda has more than 40 monuments of traditional Islamic architecture.

Euronews correspondent stressed that the residents of Samarkand, as well as pilgrims from all over the world consider this memorial sacred place.

A long time in the Shah-i-Zinda complex have not been conducted a burials. An exception was made only for the family of the first President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, who was also buried in the cemetery of Shahi Zinda September 2, 2016

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