Asrlar Sadosi starts in Navoi region


The Sixth Festival of Traditional Culture Asrlar Sadosi kicked off at the Sarmishsai Gorge in Navoi region of Uzbekistan on 4 May 2013.

Fund Forum and UNESCO Country Office in Uzbekistan are organizers of the festival. This year, the festival was organized at Sarmishsai Gorge, a natural gallery of prehistoric art of Uzbekistan. Navoi city and Bukhara city will also host several events within the festival.

Participants and the guests of Asrlar Sadosi-2013 received a unique chance to familiarize with ancient Sarmishsai.

Sarmishsai is a unique ancient landmark that offers thousands of petroglyphs and other archeological sites. As of today, more than 10,000 rock engravings have been discovered in the Sarmishsai Gorge and in the vicinity. The cliffs feature engraved images of humans, the weapons and tools they used, their clothes and household items. Other interesting images are of various animals, some of which are now not sighted in Uzbekistan. There are also carved images of wild goats, argali, bison, aurochs, wild horses, donkeys, deer, donkeys, camels, gazelles, wild boars and saigas. Wild animals perpetuated in the rock art include wolves, snow leopards, cheetahs, foxes and jackals. Some images show people wearing clothes characteristic of rituals.

Within two days, Sarmishsai Gorge will host traditional folk festivities, performances of folk music groups, fairs of arts and crafts with participation of over 80 masters, national games, including ‘Uloq-kupkari’ horse riding game, ram and rooster fights, as well as kurash wrestling bouts.

National cuisine festival and National Dress Festival will be also organized within the event. The festival will wrap up its works with gala-concert.

Bukhara will host a conference “The Architectural Epigraphy of Uzbekistan in the Context of Cultural and Spiritual Legacy: Research, Discovery and Prospects”. Here Mehr Nuri Foundation will launch reconstructed Bibi Orifa Mausoleum and a scholarship awards ceremony as part of the Spiritual Enlightenment Support Program.

As a tradition, MEROS Association of Antiques of Uzbekistan in partnership with Christie’s auction house will hold a contemporary art auction within Asrlar Sadosi. British auctioneer of CHRISTIE'S James Lees will conduct the event.

The organizers said that the best folk groups of Uzbekistan, designers, craftsmen, cooks and others from all regions of Uzbekistan will participate at the Asrlar Sadosi.

One of the grand projects of the Forum Foundation is the Asrlar Sadosi (Echo of ages) Festival of Traditional Culture, which presents all the diversity of the national traditions and customs, handicrafts and cuisine, unique oral and non-material heritage. Every year, «Asrlar sadosi» is held in different regions of Uzbekistan in historical or cultural centers as an outdoor fete with the participation of various experts, scientists and international guests.

In 2008, the festival took place near Shakhrisabz and in 2009 in Tashkent region. Since 2009 Asrlar Sadosi Festival of Traditional Culture is organized in association with the UNESCO. In 2010, the Festival took place at Ichan-Qala, a historical architectural complex in the heart of Khiva city. In 2011 Asrlar sadosi took place in Bukhara. In 2012, the Festival took place in Ellikqala District in Karakalpakstan. The bulk of the events were held at Tuproq Qala ancient fortress. All told, around 200,000 people have attended the Festival since 2008.