Subject TITF year 2013: Tourism and education


Темой Ташкентской международной туристской ярмарки 2013 года будет «Туризм и образование»The organizers of TITF 2013 - National Company "Uzbektourism" and advertising agency "Great Silk Road" "Uzbektourism" this year is introducing the plan of Tashkent International Tourism Fair with the new theme - "Tourism and education."

As its known all over the world, issues of education in tourism sector each year becoming more urgent importance.

The business program of TITF 2013 discussion of the existing problems in the field of educational tourism will be devoted to panel discussions and scientific conferences, forums and briefings with international organizations, ministries and departments of the Republic and representatives of tourist business.

The main event of the 2013 TITF will be holding a job fair for the International scientific-practical conference UNWTO jointly with the National Research and Training Consulting Center (NSTCC) "Uzbektourism" on the theme: "Tourism and Education: the way they interact." In addition, the Youth Forum will be organized and Debate Club on issues of youth (student) tourism.

The solution of urgent problems in educational tourism, the development of appropriate recommendations from the business events exhibition will undoubtedly serve the development of the tourism industry in the country.

Educational tourism as the main theme of the year will be devoted to a special section of exhibition stands 19th TITF 2013.

In view of the above, we invite all interested industry, higher, vocational and departmental institutions to participate in TITF 2013 and to present their institution, in accordance with the theme of the year of tourism professionals.

We hope that the new section of the exhibition devoted to the educational tourism will take its place among other thematic areas and will attract a lot of attention of participants and visitors TITF 2013.