Tashkent metro transports 180,000-200,000 passengers a day


Ташкентское метро

Tashkent city underground transports about 180,000-200,000 passengers a day, state unitary enterprise “Tashkent Metropoliten” (Tashkent Metro) said.

Currently, Tashkent metro has three lines – Chilanzar with 12 stations, Uzbekistan with 11 stations and Yunusabad with six stations. Total length of the lines makes up 39 km. Tashkent Metro also has two depots and depot for repair of trains and production of spare parts.

Construction of the first underground in Central Asia has been started in July 1972. In November 1977, the first part of the underground from Olmazor to Amir Temur Hiyoboni has been commission. In August 1980, the second part of the station from Amir Temur Hiyoboni to Buyuk Ipak Yoli was launched, which completed construction of the Chilanzar line with 12 stations.

The first line of Uzbekistan line from Alisher Navoi station to Tashkent station was launched in November 1984 and the second line – from Tashkent station to Chkalov station was opened in November 1987. In November 1989, the line from Alisher Navoi to Chorsu station was commission. In April 1991, the line from Chorsu to Beruni was opened.

During the independence years, Uzbekistan constructed and launched six stations of Yunusabad line from Ming Urik to Habib Abdullaev station.

Tashkent Metropoliten underlined that in 2013 it was planning to localize 35 types of spare parts and produce 800 units and produce 32,000 units of 420 types of spare parts.

In nine months, the company produced 30 types of spare parts at the volume of 526 units and rehabilitated 353 units of spare parts at the volume of 25,220 units.