Festival of National Food takes place in Tashkent


A Festival of National Food - Great Silk RoadA Festival of National Food “Great Silk Road” was held in Tashkent on 18 April. The festival was organized within Uzbek International Tourist Exhibition “The World of Leisure – 2014”.

Uzbektourism national company and Advertisement Agency Great Silk Road held a Festival of Pilaf in 2013 and this year they decided to turn the festival into the Festival of National Food “Great Silk Road”.

The festival’s key difference is that the chefs prepared not only pilaf, but also other Uzbek cuisine. The special attention was paid to dishes from fish.

Within the festival, the chefs cooked such pilafs as Choyhona pilaf, Toy pilaf, Bodom pilaf, Bayran pilam, Samarkand pilaf, Qoqond pilaf, etc. National baking products were also presented at the festival along with fish meals.

The jury rated the work of the chefs and determined the best of the best. A festive atmosphere of the real East was created by talented artists, who entertained the guests with national folklore songs and dances.

Another surprise became a tasting of local fine, which were made from Uzbek grapes.