Euronews shows report dedicated to Khiva


KhivaEuronews channel continues to show a series of programs Uzbekistan life’s dedicated to rich history, cultural heritage and tourism infrastructure of Uzbekistan.

Within the series of programs, the TV channel started to show a report dedicated to ancient city of Khiva.

The report “Khiva: gateway to the desert in Uzbekistan” said that Khiva was once an oasis, the last stop-over for caravans before crossing the desert to Iran. As a centre for slave caravans it was an intimidating place and a by-word for exhausting desert journeys.

After a two-hour drive from Khiva it’s easy to lose your bearings in the arid steppes of the Khorezm region. It is considered the cradle of one of the great civilizations of central Asia. The ruins of many Khorezmian towns and palaces have been found here.

Among the most spectacular is Ayaz-Qala, a complex of three forts, and Toprak Qala, the TV report underlined.