Afrosiyob train starts to run to Karshi


High-speed train Afrosiyob

High-speed train Afrosiyob started to run between Tashkent and Karshi from 22 August 2015.

  • Tashkent-Karshi - 8:00 (every day)
  • Karshi-Tashkent - 17:00 (every day)

On 22 August, High-speed train Afrosiyob travelled from Tashkent to Karshi for the first time. The train covers 511 km in three hours. Earlier, the trains spent six hours to pass this distance. High speed trains will run at a speed of 160 km/h at the area Marokand-Karshi.

Uzbekistan Temir Yollari (Uzbekistan Railways) implemented a project on electrification of railway Marakand-Karshi to ensure regular run of Afrosiyob on route Tashkent-Samarkand-Karshi.

Within the project, the company fully electrified railway Marakand – Karshi with the length of 140.8 km. The railings with the length of 9 km were updated at 11 stations and earthworks of over 2,100 cubic meters were conducted.

Modern automated system of dispatcher control and automated counting of electricity consumption were installed to ensure reliable movement of trains and uninterrupted work of communication system. All the intersections of the railway were equipped with telephone and radio communication equipment and fences were installed on both sides of the railways.

About US$324.76 million were allocated to electrification of railway Marakand – Karshi, of which US$110.92 million were own resources of Uzbekistan Temir Yollari, US$100 million – loan of the Asian Development Bank and the funds of the state budget.

Uzbekistan Temir Yollari is planning to launch a high speed railway communication between Tashkent and Bukhara. The launch of line will decrease travel time twice.

High-speed train Afrosiyob started to carry out regular trips between two cities from 8 October 2011. From 13 February 2012, the train started to run between two cities each day.

Afrosiyob train, produced in Spain by Patentes Talgo S. A., runs at the speed of 250 kmh and passes the 344 km distance between Tashkent and Samarkand in two hours.

Total capacity of the train makes up 257 people. The electricity train consists of two locomotives, 8 passenger cars and one dining-car. The train has VIP, first class and economy class places. The trains can be used by people with limited abilities.

It is worth to mention that Afrosiyob train has transported over 600,000 passengers since its launch in 2011.