Karakalpak people’s songs in Savitsky Museum, Nukus


 Karakalpak people’s songsOn 15 May 2013 the Museum of Art named after Savitsky, the world’s famous repository of the unique collection of Russian avant-garde paintings will host a cultural program entitled “The Karakalpaks – the First Steppe Songsters and Poets”. The Nukus Museum, which holds interesting events and master-classes on a regular basis, this time, plans to surprise the guests by performance of the throat singing musicians J. Piyazov and S. Ayapov, as well as narrators of folk tales - bakhsy. 

The unique art of throat singing is a song singing technique with an unusual articulation in gorge and voice box, characteristic for traditional music of the of Karakalpakstan, Siberian, Mongolian, Tibetan peoples. The concert will feature performances of fragments from eposes and Karakalpak folk songs backed up by the national instruments. While the scenes to be played by young theater artists will revive and represent the heroes of popular Karakalpak poems “Kyrk Kyz”, “Alpomysh”, “Kublan”, “Mastpashsha”,  “Adygey” to the spectators.

Besides, as part of “The Karakalpaks – the First Steppe Songsters and Poets” program, A. Otarbaev will read an interesting lecture about the Karakalpak music sharing the secrets of Karakalpak music instrument making.