A competition «Creating tourism brand (image) of the Khorezm region»


Туристский бренд ХорезмаFrom 5th to 20th of June 2013 in Uzbekistan was held a competition "Creating tourism brand (image) of the Khorezm region." The competition was organized by the National Company of "Uzbektourism."

About  200 works were presented by 42 participants.  Competition commission reviewed and considered all works submitted.

The works selected  according to the following  criteria:
- The originality and novelty of the idea;
- Clarity and attractiveness of the idea for the people of Uzbekistan and other countries of the world;
- A combination of the brand's historic sights and natural potential of the Khorezm region;
- Focus on increasing tourism, economic and investment attractiveness of the Khorezm region;
- The possibility of adapting the brand idea for other languages;
- Universality;
- Consistency with the goals and objectives of the Khorezm region brand;
- Aesthetic performance.

The winner of the art competition "Creating a tourism brand (image) of the Khorezm region" is Khalmatov Zakir Furkatovich from Tashkent.

Туристский бренд ХорезмаТуристский бренд Хорезма

Second place was awarded to the work of Matniyazov Zafarbek Erkinovich from Tashkent.

Third place was awarded to the work of Ismailov Adhambek Bakhramovich from Urgench.

Under the terms of the competition, the winner is awarded a prize - a modern personal computer models in the set. The document confirming the winner’s award is a diploma.

Taking the prize awarded:
- 2 places - a laptop and a diploma of 2nd  degrees;
- 3 places - the tablet and a diploma of 3rd  degrees.