Representatives of 60 countries to participate at Sharq Taronalari


Sharq TaronalariRepresentatives of some 60 countries have applied to take part at the International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari 2013” (Oriental Melodies), which will be held in Uzbekistan in August 2013.

The ninth traditional international music festival Sharq Taronalari will be held in Samarkand on 25-30 August 2013.

Currently, representatives of about 60 countries submitted application to participate at the event. Among them are representatives of Latvia, Burkina Faso, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Austria, Georgia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, China, France, Madagascar, USA, Thailand, Czech Republic, South Korea, Spain, Estonia, Egypt, and others.

Sharq TaronalariThe festival will also include symposiums, roundtables, conferences and exhibition. It is planned to hold scientific conference on traditional music of the East, which will be attended by prominent art and music specialists.

Currently, preparation works are underway in Samarkand’s Registan square. Large number of specialists like designers, directors, choreographers and other attracted to the preparation work.

The festival has been held each two years starting from 1997. The festival covers almost all continents. Number of participating countries is increasing each year. Some 33 countries participated in 1997 and their number reached to 50 in 2009.