In this section, we present the opinions of our guests, who wanted to share his impressions of his trip to Uzbekistan and other countries of Central Asia and Transcaucasian region, organized by our company.


Dragica, Una Ligita, Belgrade, Serbia

Dear Nargiza,

Recently, we have been intensively in communication trying to organize for me, my daughter and my colleague a trip to Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent, 18-21. October.

Now, we are back home, in Belgrade, Serbia. The Silk Road Adventures, the warm hospitality, beautiful cities and so nice people we will remember and keep in our hearts. Thanks to Rayhon in Samarkand, Aziz in Bukhara, Nusratula and Alisher in Tashkent, and especially thank to you this trip was so special. We saw how much all of you love your country and people living in it. All of you tried so hard to make our trip special. You touched our hearts, thank you all for it.

Tourists in UzbekistanTourists in UzbekistanTourists in UzbekistanTourists in UzbekistanTourists in UzbekistanTourists in Uzbekistan

Best regards from Belgrade to all of you, thank you once again for such a special trip. We hope to come to Uzbekistan once again, hopefully soon.

Best regards,
Dragica, Una Ligita

Belgrade, Serbia, 22 October, 2019


Leonard Shcherbakov and Mila Zisman, Tel Aviv

Dear Mr. Ruzmetov,
We feel that we can’t keep just to ourselves a wonderful experience of having Ms. Nargiza Artikbaeva as an organizer of our tour to Uzbekistan. This was our first (and hopefully not the last) visit to your country, and it was a complete surprise - not only because of the architectural, cultural and geographical treasures of the country, not only because of the exceptional friendliness and hospitality of your people but to a large extent – because of the perfect organization of our tour.

KhivaRegistan Square, SamarkandUzbekistan TripGur Emir Mausoleum, SamarkandArt & CraftMountains
The program suggested by Nargiza answered all our wishes – starting from architectural gems of Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand, continuing to Fergana valley and finishing with hiking in the Chatkal mountains. All selected hotels were very good, all guides were knowledgeable and intelligent, all drivers were on time. Moreover, in every new place we arrived, Nargiza called the guide or a driver to check that we’ve arrived and there were no problems of any kind. In short, everything – including internal flights and trains - worked like a Swiss clock. We couldn’t expect or wish anything more than that.

Charvak LakeUzbekistan MountainsChatkal MountainsChatkal MountainsUzbekistan MountainsCharvak Lake
So, many thanks to Nargiza for her organizational efforts and to your company for providing adequate infrastructure.
We’ll try to bring the experience of our tour to our friends and acquaintances and we hope that other people will follow us to use your services, and also hope to come again to Uzbekistan.
With best regards,
Leonard Shcherbakov and Mila Zisman.
Tel Aviv, October 2019.

Uzbekistan MountainsUzbekistan MountainsUzbekistan MountainsUzbekistan MountainsUzbekistan MountainsUzbekistan Mountains

Mr. Maury and Mrs. Paulina, USA

Dear Nargiza,

Hope you are well and the weather is perfect.

Just wanted to thank you immensely for the fabulous trip you had arranged for us. Everything was breathtaking, from sites, to company to food. In all honesty, I would not mind repeating this trip again right now, but don't think that Maury could get time off and he would never forgive me if I did it solo.

Also, thank you so much for your fabulous gifts. I have not put the gorgeous platter to use yet, but the lovely gentleman is proudly sitting on our shelf.

Thank you again for everything and wishing you much success, health and joy. With gratitude and fondness....Paulina

Mr. Maury and Mrs. Paulina

Antonella Baretton and Michele Ometto, Italy

Sono solita organizzare da sola i miei viaggi. Non amo i tour organizzati perché voglio poter scegliere dove andare, cosa e come mangiare. In questo caso, il problema della lingua e un’assistenza storico/archeologica sui siti, mi hanno indotto diversamente.

Quest’agenzia mi ha messo a disposizione un’ottima guida, molto competente, perfettamente parlante italiano, con noi H24. Zuhra è diventata un’amica ma anche Nargiza, l’impiegata dell’agenzia, che ogni giorno si informava se tutto fosse ok. Mi sono sentita coccolata!

Consiglio quest’agenzia uzbeka ( nessun problema con il pagamento) che organizza tour sia di gruppo che “tailored” anche in Kazakistan e in altri stati dell’Asia centrale.

Отзы на

Bahman, Shiva and Hiva, Iran

Hi Nargise,

We really enjoyed our stay in Uzbekistan. The country is culturally rich and as a result there are plenty of beautiful sights to visit. We visited the four cities of Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara and Samarqand. The transportation between each city was very well planned and included a combination of flight, train and drive. Our driver was very professional as were the tour guides in each destination.

Uzbek SouvenirsUzbekistan pictureSher-Dor Madrassah, Samarkand, Registan Square

We particularly enjoyed visiting the old city in Khiva, the “Lyab-i-Hauz” area in Bukhara with the great food in “Old Bukhara” Restaurant and finally the beautiful streets around the “Bibi Khanym Mosque” in Samarqand. In Samarqand, we enjoyed the lovely food in “Platan”, “Samarqand”, and “Karimbek” restaurants.

As a tip, In order to avoid possible miscommunications with drivers or hotel receptionists, we would recommend that you stay in close touch with Ms Nargise (the main planner) during your whole stay.

Thank you,

Bahman, Shiva and Hiva

Khiva, Kalta-MinorKhiva, Kalta-MinorKhiva pictureUzbekistan pictureUzbekistan pictureUzbekistan pictureUzbekistan pictureUzbekistan pictureUzbekistan picture

Lolo and Firuzeh, Iran

Very dear Nargiza,

Firuzeh and I wanted to let you and your company know that the trip you organized for us was flawless. The drivers and tour guides and the hotels were all perfect. We enjoyed every second of our trip and wish to send you our friends to have a wonderful experience in Uzbekistan.
I wish you all the best and thank you again for providing us with an unforgettable experience.
May you always be happy and healthy and successful.

With love and gratitude,
Lolo and Firuzeh

Mousa Esmaeili, Iran

Seminar of Sepahan Daneh International CompanyThis year I dicided to visit Uzbekistan, one of the beautiful destinations in the world that had cultural commonality with Iran.

Uzbekistan is a combination of modernity and tradition. The uzbek people is very hospitable and friendly. My friends introduced Silk Road Adventure to me. After that I connected by manager of that agency who called Nargiza that provide best quality of services like giving fast visa, booking good hotels with suitable prices, good availability to sightseeing and ... .

Because of good services, I eagered to travel to Uzbekistan 3 times.
In the end, I am very thankful from Silk Road Adventure, specially from dear Nargiza.

Mousa Esmaeili, Iran

Belen and Santiago Alcazar, Brazil

Dear Victoria,

We found the moment to express our gratitude to you and your agency, for taking care of every detail during our stay in your country.  
We were very pleased with all tour guides, who were very professional and made our visits specially interesting.  
The car drivers who took us around in each city we visited were polite and attentive.  

And the hotels you booked us in were very pleasant.
Our one week tour through Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva was just great and we will definitely recommend your services to friends willing to visit Uzbekistan!

Thank you once more,
Belen and Santiago Alcazar

KhivaRegistan, SamarkandBukhara

KhivaJuma Mosque, KhivaCamel

Onno Kervers (Ambassador of the Netherlands in Baku)

Onno KerversTravelling with Silk Road Adventures Ltd.
This is to testify of our excellent experience with Mrs. Victoria Toltigina and Silk Road Adventures travel agency during our trip to and in Uzbekistan, Nowruz 2018.
Already during the preparation of the trip, we noticed the quick, friendly and professional way in which Mrs. Toltigina and her Agency operate. Very quickly, a programme was proposed, not only according to our wishes, but also with specific advice on itineraries, hotels etc. When it became necessary to adapt our schedule to the availability of tickets or hotels, a good alternative wasalways found quickly.
The trip was very spectacular, also because of the excellent and personal attention we received, from the reception on arrival in Tashkent to the farewell there a week later.
Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis. Photo by Onno KerversInterior decor of the mosque. Photo by Onno KerversShakhi-Zinda Necropolis. Photo by Onno Kervers
Photo by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno Kervers
In between, the trip was very well organized, drivers were always there and always on time, providing a smooth trip, necessary because we had a heavy schedule. Our private guides proved to be friendly and excellent company: all of them spoke English very well and were very knowledgeable not only on Uzbek and local history, but also on the local customs and legends, art & literature etc. etc. They were always ready to provide extra service, recommend good restaurants etc.
Photo by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno Kervers
Photo by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno Kervers
All hotels were of top quality: clean and comfortable, friendly reception and staff anda good breakfast.
We are sure that Mrs. Toltigina and Silk Road Adventures made a crucial contribution to an unforgettable trip to Uzbekistan. We can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who plans a trip in this wonderful country!
Baku, April 2018, 
Onno & Sigrid Kervers
Ambassador of the Netherlands in Baku
Photo by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno KerversPhoto by Onno Kervers

Cristina Castaño, Colombia

Hello dear Victoria.
Now we are in Baku missing a lot Uzbekistan.
Beautiful and wonderful country.
Thank you so much for all your help. All the guides were extraordinary.

Cristina Castaño

Kasim Sadikoglu, Turkey

Dear Victoria,

We had a great vacation with your excellent organization and guidance. I should start from you and also recognize all your guides and drivers who made our vacation unforgettable.

Best regards,

Kasim Sadikoglu


Goodarzi Najme, Naderi Abdolreza, Mavali Seyed Abbas, Iran

Dear Nargiza,

Thank you!

That’s very good and we are very pleased from your services specially your tour guieds & punctuality at your programmes.

Goodarzi Najme
Naderi Abdolreza
Mavali Seyed Abbas


Jacquemet Anna, Italy

We returned home. Thank you for all'. Our trip was nice and interesting also thanks to you all. I would also like to thank you on behalf of all our drivers who have accompanied us and who have been timely and kind.

Jacquemet Anna

Romero Bock Francisco Ernesto, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Mexico

Dear Victoria,
I want to thank you for my unforgettable trip to Uzbekistan. Going to Samarkand was a dream I had since I was a child, but I never expected to find other cities as wonderful as Khiva and Bukhara.

The hotels were very good and I particularly liked the one in Khiva, “Orient Star Khiva”. And the location of the one in Bukhara, "Sultan". The employees of the hotels were always very friendly and I will never forget the breakfasts of Khiva and Samarkand.

The guides were fantastic: Kamol in Tashkent, Timur in Khiva, Behruz in Bukhara and Rayhon in Samarkand.

The drivers were wonderful, Doniyor in Tashkent, a very nice guy, but a particular mention deserves Iso, who accompanied me for almost the entire trip and even helped me one day that I did not feel very well. He really made me feel good. I'll be grateful if you say hello to him from me.

And the star of the trip was you. The tour was perfect, everything was properly designed, fair times for places I visited, nice and comfortable hotels, impeccable flight and internal routes, local guides with great knowledge of the sites, drivers knew their routes, cars in good condition and clean, etc. All thanks to you. Thank you for welcoming me, thank you for sending me farewell greetings with a detail, thank you for always being in touch with me and my assistant before and during the trip. Thank you for everything, Victoria, you are a great professional and a great host of that fantastic and unforgettable country that is Uzbekistan.

Thank you again and good luck!
Best regards,

Romero Bock Francisco Ernesto
Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Mexico

Mr. Rodrigo Labardini (Ambassador of Mexico)

Dear Victoria!
I am sending this set of notes on my impressions regarding the recent trip to Uzbekistan that my wife and I took with the assistance of Simurg Travel.

The whole trip was very good and enjoyable. Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent were all amazing. Khiva a city as live museum, Bukhara the center of the world a thousand years ago, the mythical Samarkand, and modern Tashkent were all amazing views. History unfolded with every step, traditions, customs and clothing seen in depictions were relived. The Uzbek people very warm and hospitable, all wondering as to who were this couple, from Mexico?, and all very kind.

I have to thank you and all your organization. As a I have told my friends, we felt all the time accompanied, and well taken cared of. From the moment we arrived at Tashkent airport , until leaving Tashkent one week later, we met your personnel, kind and attentive, ensuring that our experience were a fun, enjoyable and very memorable experience. Please thank all of them, Doni in Tashkent, Murzik the driver, and the guides at Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand (off the bat I remember Umid and Reyhana, but please thank all of them). Their company and suggestions were extremely good to feel the character and warmth of the Uzbek people.

Every place where we ate, outside the Bazar in Tashkent, in Khiva, on the road between Khiva and Bukhara and Samarkand (Sunnat and Qirq Chinor), in Bukhara (at a cafe we named Café-Pepsi because it had no other indication [close to the Samarkand water pipe]), allowed us to taste local food and the savory food, including Shurpa. All were good, but this were truly remarkable. The custom of the teacup and the three cups (loy, moy, choy, and the legends of floating and sunk tea leaves and bubbles), truly emblazoned the taste of tea.

Thank you once again for all your efforts and successful organization that showed us Uzbekistan.

Mr. Rodrigo Labardini
Ambassador of Mexico

Eleni Grigoriadou, Greece

We just came home after a two week tour of Uzbekistan starting in Khiva and ending in Tashkent. We organized our trip by ourselves but used Pimenidis Travel and Silk Road Adventures for escort guides, hotels registrations and transportation in Uzbekistan. Victoria has set up a wonderful individual mixture of sightseeing according to our wishes. The driver was a great person, professional and my friend and I always felt safe. The hotels better than expected and everything went off like clockwork.

Bukhara picture

We never expected the architecture of Uzbekistan’s beautiful cities like Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand to move us so much. We'd known of the impressive architecture of Uzbekistan’s ancient cities and we'd seen pictures of its…but nothing prepares us for the scope of some of these incredible structures. It’s hard to express the beauty in words!!! Other than the extraordinary, warm and friendly people we met on this trip the best part about it were our local tour guides. They were top notch, well informed and not motivated to herd us into shopping "opportunities."

Navruz celebrating in Uzbekistan

I would like to let your companies know that we had a great time in Uzbekistan. Our tour guides, were wonderful! Our driver was great. We learned a lot about your beautiful country and were happy that we decided to take this vacation. We are both glad we used your companies for our tours.

Thank you Victoria!
Thank you Philip Pimenidis!

Tour: “Magical Uzbekistan”
Itinerary: Urgench - Khiva – Ayaz-kala – Khiva - Bukhara – Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand - Boysun - Samarkand - Tashkent.
Duration: 16 days, 15 nights

Eleni Grigoriadou, Vasiliki Malandrenioti

More pictures on the Facebook:

Luis, Spain

Dear Nargiza,
We have finished our trip with Aziz. Everything has gone OK and We are very happy with you and your Company. We Will recomend you to the people who come to Uzbekistan.

Best regards,

Lars Svensson, Sweden

Dear Victoria.

The travelling in Georgia was very nice. Interesting visits in historical places. Dairy with cheese production. We made stops along the road when we saw farming. Very good food, beer and wine.

Review from Lars Svensson (Sweden)

Review from Lars Svensson (Sweden)

Ekatherine, the guide was a very good guide. We were satisfied with her indeed. I will recommend her to other groups.

Thank you and your company for a good planning of our travelling in Georgia. We are very satisfied.

Lars Svensson

Review from Lars Svensson (Sweden)

Review from Lars Svensson (Sweden)

Review from Lars Svensson (Sweden)

Lidia & Jacek, Poland

Dear Victoria,
We would like to thank you very much for organizing our trip to Uzbekistan.
Everything was perfect and on time. For sure we will recomand you.
Once again thank you and regards from Poland,

Lidia & Jacek

Simona Granata

Dear Victoria,
I would like to thank you for the excellent service which your agency provided!

We truly appreciated the competence, the language skills, the reliability and availability and the pleasant company of our guide Timur.

We will not hesitate to recommend you to any traveller to Uzbekistan!

Best regards
Simona Granata

Valentina, Italy

Dear Victoria,

I would like to thank you for assisting me so well during my stay in Uzbekistan. You provided us with a very good organization.
It was a good trip, also thanks to your help.

Best regards

Markus Bogisch, Denmark

Dear Victoria,
This was a truly wonderful trip to Uzbekistan! I am very much looking forward to collaborating with you in the near future.

Best regards, Markus

Pawel, Poland

Pawel and Margarete, Poland

Dear Victoria,
Thanks for total organization!!!! Everything went very smoothly, and your recommendations were super ! thanks also for your patience with myself, the most difficult customer you ever had!! J

Pawel and Margarete

Pawel and Margarete (PolandAnita Behare, Italy

Ms Victoria,

I wanted to thank you for the organization of our recent tour in Uzbekistan.
We enjoyed the country and the guides were helpful and competent.

Best regards from Milano,
Anita Behare