Uzbekistan - Some about

Uzbekistan - the independent state in the Central Asia. After disintegration of Soviet Union Uzbekistan has chosen the democratic policy and since then successfully embodies during a reform life, having entered in the international economic community, as its full member.

    Khiva, Islam Khodja minaret Uzbekistan - unusual edge, original, with a rich heritage. Here there live surprisingly talented and generous people. People very kind, pure the soul, carefully keeping traditions and customs. Each national holiday became State for all inhabitants of Republic.


The people wait for them and with pleasure mark. So, to Navruz, Hayit, students annually with interest prepare for the Constitution day, Independence Day national dances, songs, read verses of the Uzbek poets and own, treat each other with national sweets, arrange exhibitions of hand-made articles. Even lessons of the Uzbek language are unlike usual lessons. They impart love to poetry and prose, acquaint us with national traditions and customs.


The youth has grown on verses Agaha, Shermuhamed Munis, Fizuli, Bedil, Abdulla Kahhara's plays, Nazim Hikmet. Certainly, after acquaintance to creativity of these great people it would be desirable most to read rubai, and not in transfer, and in the original.

     In days of independence the powerful impulse for art and creativity development in all its displays has been given. It was promoted by process of revival national, cultural and cultural wealth, and also an exit of Uzbekistan on international scene. In sphere of musical art republican competition "Uzbekiston – Vatanim manim" and international - "Shark taronalari" became the representative forums promoting revealing of talents.

     In the last seventeen years the musical culture of Uzbekistan was enriched with new compositions of composers R.Abdullaev, F.G.Alimova, A.Ergasheva, and others. In them have found the creative beginning intonation refraction of makoma and modern harmonies, folklore and rhythms of a platform, idea of high morals, philosophical reflexions, soft humor, emotional and aesthetic riches.

  Uzbekistan    But it not everything, than can be proud our free country. We make planes, dredges, power transformers, electric cranes, and the big assortment of the consumer goods. Our production is exported to the different countries of the world. The modern economy of Republic Uzbekistan represents a diversified territorial and production complex. Its basis make the gas industry, color and ferrous metallurgy, cotton cleaning, textile, canning and others. But the main riches of Uzbekistan are the clap.

On the value in economy of free Uzbekistan the clap occupies one of leading places. It ranks with bread, metal, and oil. That is why from ancient times people with love name it "white gold". Take a tour to Uzbekistan or Central Asia to get acknowledged with its unusual culture and traditions. Flights to Uzbekistan are comfortable and airport of Tashkent is situated in 15 minutes from any part of the city and it is one of the best airports of the world.