Eco tours

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Possibilities for eco tourism

     You can stop in a guest hostel where there are all necessary conditions for residing: separate kitchen, a shower, the computer, the conditioner.
     In the evening you can walk on lakes, bathe in warm water, observe with a small lamp, observing known care, a life of night animals of desert: scorpions, tarantulas etc.

     The ecocenter "Djeyran" has been created in Bukhara area during the critical moment when number of animals was sharply reduced across all Central Asia. In 70th years of the last century in different republics of region it has been created seven nurseries, but has remained only in Uzbekistan.

     Plants living here and animals are under state protection. Many of them rare also are brought in the International Red book and the Red book of Uzbekistan. The Cabinet decision "About the Program of actions on Republic Uzbekistan preservation of the environment for 2008-2012, accepted in September, 2008, gives a new impulse to work of eco center "Djeyran".

     Further the list of all reserves of Uzbekistan is presented:

  • Aral-Pajgambarsky reserve
  • Reserve Badaj-Tugajsky
  • Zaaminsky national park
  • Zarafshansky national park
  • Kyzylkumsky national park
  • Nuratinsky national park
  • Surhansky national park
  • National parks of Uzbekistan
  • Ugam-Chatkalsky state natural national park
  • Zaaminsky national park

The hunting economy in Uzbekistan
     The short review of huntings, being in conducting Management of the hunting economy, reserves and national parks of Republic Uzbekistan. Under the authority of Management is 6 forestries into which problem enter preservation vegetative and fauna, its rational use.

Arnasajsky forestry
     The Arnasajsky lake complex concerns a river basin Sirdarja. The economy territory represents deserted-steppe and water grounds. The last are frequently bordered by powerful thickets of a reed. There are zones with smaller vegetation. The coastal part of reservoirs is thickets of a reed, a cane and rogoza. Thickets form powerful impassable walls in the width to 250 metres. The peripheral part is favorable for natatorial game, and also is convenient for hunting for a wild boar, for other game. On three huntsman’s cordons there are houses of hunters and carriages. The economy will organise services in hunting and fishing granting.

  • Bukhara forestry
  • Dalverzinsky forestry
  • Kazakdarinsky forestry
  • Karakulsky forestry
  • Kungradsky forestry

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